Abubo Rao in Rage of the Dragons
Full nameAbubo Rao
BirthdateMarch 21
BirthplaceIndia India
Height245cm (8'0½")
Weight298kg (657 lbs)
Blood typeB-
Job/OccupationFormer member of a gang
LikesSabotage, his mother
DislikesJimmy Lewis
Favorite foodFried chicken, pork
Forte in sportsBody building
Fighting styleStreet fighting

Abubo Rao (アブボ ラオ, Abubo Rao; Devanagari: अबूबो राव) is a character who appears in Rage of the Dragons. He acts as the game's sub boss and is a solo fighter (contrary to the title's tag team theme).


Abubo is a once glorious fighter and former member of the gang that ruled Sunshine City. He was plotting to one day overthrow his boss until Jimmy and Billy barged into their turf and defeated them. He was personally defeated by the older brother and bore a grudge against him ever since. With the help of his two personal assistants, Linda and Roxy, Abubo aspires to reclaim his reputation and take over the current mafia. He does this in his ending, where he becomes the new kingpin of the town.


Despite his confidence in his powerful stature, Abubo is really a childish giant who whimpers when beaten. He talks in third-person with simple sentences and depends on his assistants to better represent his image.


  • Seismic Wave - By smashing his fist to the ground, Abubo can create an earthquake making anyone fall.
  • Suprerhuman strength - Abubo possesses strength that far surpasses an average man.

Fighting StyleEdit

He fights by relying on his brute strength and his high endurance.


  • Heavy Fellow - Rage of the Dragons
  • Exclamation - Rage of the Dragons

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