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Full nameAlice Garnet Nakata
BirthdateJune 16; 17 years old (Days of Memories)
BirthplaceFlag of the United States.svg USA
Height158cm (5'2")
Weight43kg (106 lbs.)
Blood typeAB
Job/OccupationNurse in training (Days of Memories)
LikesTerry, the cap Terry gave her, her Terry doll
Favorite foodBananas
Forte in sportsBasketball
Special skillGymnastics (vaulting)
Favorite musicHard rock
Measurements (bust, waist, hip)83, 54, 86 cm
Fighting styleSelf-taught South Town Arts

Alice (アリス, Arisu) is a character first introduced in the pachinko slot game Garou Densetsu The Legend of Wild Wolf as an idol mascot.

Her origin is unknown though she most likely took inspiration from Alice Chrysler (アリス・クライスラー, Arisu Kuraisurā), a character who was devised to be one of Kim's students with an admiration for Terry. When planning out the new roster, Alice was going to replace Mai in Fatal Fury 3 though this idea was retracted during the early stages of development. Chrysler can be seen in certain backgrounds and is mentioned in Chae Lim's second backstory.

She is voiced by Akino Hayashi.


In the pachinko games, she follows Terry around often cheering for him and his friends.

In Days of Memories, Alice is a nurse in training attending to the protagonist. She is born of half-Japanese and American descent, her full name being Alice Garnet Nakata. Before she decided to pursue her profession, she lived her summers and winters in America and her springs and falls in Japan. Her sunny attitude and cheerful energy keeps everyone in high spirits. She isn't the best at her job, often unintentionally harming her patients during her treatments, and she is secretly afraid that she'll be fired for incompetence. Due to a conspiracy created by Magaki, she'll experience the same dreams as the protagonist.

In KOF XIV, Alice joins the tournament in order to prove to Terry how strong she is now.


A cheerful young lady, she adores and always tries to emulate Terry. She makes lewd sexual jokes from time to time, but rarely takes the person's reactions seriously.

Fighting Style

Her fighting style is mostly a hybrid of Fatal Fury protagonists: Terry, Andy, Joe, and Rock. In reference to her origins, jackpot visuals are added as a cosmetic effect for her special moves.


  • Chrysler Shout - Days of Memories
  • Splendid Soldier - The King of Fighters XIV

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