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Annie Murakami
Annie in Rage of the Dragons.
Full nameAnnie Murakami
BirthdateDecember 19
BirthplaceFlag of Japan.svg Japan
Height163cm (5'4")
Weight50kg (110 lbs)
Blood typeAB (RH -)
Family/RelativesFather, mother
Job/OccupationPsychic guide
LikesDoing things with her own power, crosses
Favorite foodPretzels, lemon tea
Forte in sportsGymnastics
Measurements (bust, waist, hip)80cm, 58cm, 80cm
Fighting stylePsycho Power

Annie Murakami (アニー・ムラカミ, Anii Murakami) is a character who appears in the Rage of the Dragons.


Annie is the daughter to an archaic family of psychics. The clan's patriarch believes that she will someday be a good representation for the Murakami name. Wanting her to practice diligence and gain experience, Annie is assigned to be the guide for Radel. Before they leave Japan, she spots a mysterious black cat in his shadow. She adopts the cat and names it Qui-zi. In their ending, Radel dies protecting her from the "Black Dragon" and she mourns his passing over his gravestone. A mysterious stranger (who resembles Johann) watches her from afar.


Proud of her lineage but a bit flighty, Annie is a conceited yet caring girl. She is easily amused by anything foreign to her native country due to her secluded lifestyle.


  • Psychic Attacks: Annie can fuel her attacks with psychic energy.
  • Energy Geyser: Annie can launch a geyser of energy at her enemies.

Fighting StyleEdit

Annie is a flexible combo character who excels in aerial attacks.


  • Beat Out - Rage of the Dragons

Game AppearancesEdit


Annie idle

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