Arthur in Twinkle Star Sprites
Full nameArthur Schmitt
BirthdateApril 3; 16 years old
BirthplaceFairy Kingdom
Blood typeA
Job/OccupationBodyguard of the fairy family
Likes"Miss Ran"
Dislikes"Anyone who bullies Miss Ran"
Hobbies"Chasing Miss Ran"
WeaponHis rocket pack, Plasma Shoot

Arthur Schmitt (アーサー・シュミット) is a character in Twinkle Star Sprites. His official nickname is "The Handsome Rocketman".


Arthur is one of many loyal servants of the royal guard. Although he is a popular ladies man, he fell in love with Load Ran at first sight and has no interest in any other woman. Since magic isn't his forte, he built several machines to keep up with her and power them with his Ether Energy. His wish is to get a new radiant look to woo his love. The Twinkle Star jokingly grants this wish in his ending and Arthur is impressed with the older him (although he actually looks pretty ridiculous and flamboyant).


Arthur tries to be the storybook hero but inevitably fails to fit the image. He treasures Load Ran even if she is somewhat sickened of him.


None. He relies on his machinery to win battles.


Game AppearancesEdit

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