Asayuki Kizuyomina
Blazing Star - Asayuki Kizuyomina
Asayuki from Blazing Star
Full nameAsayuki Kizuyomina
BirthdateMarch 9, 2243; 15 Years old
Height156 cm
Weight45 kg
Blood typeA
Family/RelativesFather (Unnamed), Mother (Unnamed), Amayuki Kizuyomina (Younger Sister)
Job/OccupationPilot (Peplos)
HobbiesWeaving, Indoor Cultivation, Crossword Puzzle
Measurements (bust, waist, hip)80, 50, 83 cm

Asayuki Kizuyomina (創世御名 麻雪, Kizuyomina Asayuki) is a character from the Blazing Star shoot em' up game by Yumekobo. She's the pilot of the Peplos ship.

According to a Neo-Geo Freak interview with Daikichi (Blazing Star's character designer), Asayuki was created originally for a game that was never released, and he decided to use her in Blazing Star. She's Daikichi's personal favorite character and based her hobbies from his own. Daikichi made the triple of rough sketches for her than the rest of the characters.


Asayuki was among the other five pilots and many other living beings who were assimilated by Brawshella, a sentient weapon developed by the Mutras. When the interplanetary war between them and Remulia moved their weapon development to the "Organic Weapon Production", a combination of living organisms and technology, Brawshella was born when its progress turned for the worst.

Sometime later, Asayuki and the other pilots regained their consciousness. Remembering their pasts and discovering their humanity, they lead their fight to regain their independence as they turn against the machine and reclaim their home planets.


Although she has a gentle and warm personality, Asayuki is also pessimist.

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