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Ash Crimson
Ash from The King of Fighters XIII
Full nameAsh Crimson
BirthdateFebruary 14; 16 years old
BirthplaceUnknown (raised in France)
Height178cm (5'10")
Weight59kg (130 lbs)
Blood typeO
Family/RelativesSaiki (Ancestor)
LikesHis fingernails
DislikesBothersome things, uninteresting things
HobbiesNail art
Favorite foodSachertorte (sweets)
Forte in sportsNone (because sports are a bother)
Fighting stylePersonal style (employing special flames)

Ash Crimson (アッシュ・クリムゾン, Asshu Kurimuzon) is the protagonist of the Ash Saga. His first appearance was in The King of Fighters 2003 as the leader of the New Hero Team. His motives for entering are to take the powers of the descendants of the clans who sealed Orochi away 1,800 years ago (Kyo Kusanagi, Iori Yagami and Chizuru Kagura). He has succeeded thus far, leaving Kyo as the last power he needs.

Ash was designed with the intent of creating an "attractive evil character" with little changes done to him since conception. During the initial planning stage for Ash, developers wanted to create a protagonist that has never been done for the franchise. Following this idea, they decided to create a feminine-looking and unheroic character to contrast the impact from the previous protagonists. Falcoon adds that the main goal for Ash was to make him an ambiguous hero that purposely makes players "feel bad" for cheering for him. His official nickname is The Sneering Blaze.


Ash is the descendant of Saiki. When he was living in France, he spent his childhood years with Elisabeth Blanctorche. For reasons still not entirely divulged, he left her household and the Blanctorche teachings. He enters the 2003 edition of The King of Fighters tournament alongside Duo Lon and Shen Woo. While his teammates leave to solve their own vendettas, Ash goes to the Orochi seal, where Kyo, Chizuru, and Iori are investigating. Ash suddenly ambushes a weakened Chizuru, robs her powers and leaves her unconscious. He taunts that Iori will be next, and flees from the scene.

Ash enters the next tournament with Shen and Oswald. After the tournament's events, he reveals to Oswald that Shen is the target he has been contracted to assassinate for a mysterious group and leaves his teammates to fight each other, a scheme that Ash gleefully set up before the tournament occurred. Due to Orochi's strong presence in the tournament and the ever-weakening seal, Iori succumbs to the Riot of the Blood and violently attacks his own teammates. Ash appears amidst the confusion and takes advantage of Iori's bewildered state to steal the Yasakani Jewel. Before he leaves the tournament grounds, Elisabeth Blanctorche and her team appears before him. She accused Ash of abandoning "their mission" and fighting for personal gain. To intimidate her, he unleashes his new purple flames and disappears using the Yata Mirror. He chillingly warns them that he plans to target Kyo next.

Prior to the KoF XIII tournament, Ash openly joins forces with Those from the Past and works for their master. During the tournament finals, he waits for Saiki to lower his guard, and when the opportunity presents itself, he slays Saiki, robbing him of his soul, while blunty telling Botan that it will be the end of their "bloodline". However, Saiki's essence seizes control of his body and uses it as his own. After being defeated again by the winning team, Ash regains control of his body. Saiki insists that Ash enter the Time Gate, which will allow them to return to a previous era and begin their entire plan over again. Ash doesn't move however, allowing the gate to close and creating a time paradox, since the act has removed Saiki from both past and present. Revealing disgust for the leader of Those from the Past, Ash explains that he "actually likes this world" before Saiki's essence disintegrates. Ash has a few moments to chat with Elisabeth, apologizing to her while saying that his "plan" didn't work the way he meant it to before disappearing as well. He leaves the stolen sacred treasures behind for Iori and Chizuru to reclaim. At the end scene of Team Japan's ending as Kyo and Iori clashes their flames, the screen goes white and shows a dialogue text "Nothings change. ♪" implies that Ash is still alive. However, due to this, Ash's actual fate and whereabout remained unknown and presumed deceased.

It is revealed in KOF XIV that Ash - along with several other souls - is trapped in time vortex within an entity known as Verse, one of the two creatures along with an unknown blue creatures created from the result of Ash's last act back in the end of KOFXIII, creating an timeline interferences, and somehow implanting the half of their powers into a younger Shun'ei, resulting Nakoruru travels to the present and now currently stuck in that current timeline, along with a time-displaced Mui Mui and Love Heart. Kukri was hired by Elizabeth to find Ash's whereabouts. With Verse's defeat, Ash and the other souls return to their former bodies; Kukri and Elisabeth find Ash alive.


Ash is a cunning, self righteous, and flamboyant individual. Confident in his own powers, he doesn't take things too seriously and considers things that are of no interest bothersome. Even when faced with serious situations, he is calm and somewhat blasé.

He isn't one who considers working with others, but instead uses others to achieve his goals. He tends to flaunt the superiority of his halfhearted effort and speaks in a playful and condescending manner, which often irritates the characters he is speaking to.

He views Elisabeth as his older sister figure, and notes that she is "too serious". He feels that Duo Lon and Shen Woo are his good friends, although he appeared to them with mysterious intentions. He also has a habit of calling people pet names such as "Betty" for Elisabeth, and "Ozzy" for Oswald.

His personality seems to slightly change when actively using the power of the Yasakani jewel. Usually calm and composed, when using his Fructidor move, Ash will laugh maniacally while making his opponent burn with the purple flames of the Yasakani. This behaviour is similar to Iori, and it may be interpreted as Orochi's taint affecting his mind.


  • Pyrokinesis - Ash can create and control special green flames that look like melted wax. The origin of this flame is still unknown.
    • Create Fire - Ash can create fire from thin air.
    • Fire Projectile - Ash can create projectiles made of fire.
    • Fire Attacks - Ash can increase damage of his punches and kicks with fire.
    • Fire Aura - Ash can create fire around his body.
  • Power Absorption - Ash can steal powers from anybody he chooses. He decided to target the Three Sacred Treasures. He managed to steal two of three treasures leaving Kyo as the next power to acquire. He could possibly kill people during this process, but he left Chizuru and Iori alive. This was demonstrated when he absorbed Saiki's powers, in turn destroying Saiki's original body.
  • Yata Mirror (formerly) - The following are powers shown by Ash when he acquired Chizuru Kagura's Yata Mirror:
    • Seal Powers (formerly) - Ash can keep enemies from using their powers for a while.
    • Teletransport (formerly) - Ash can disappear and reappear somewhere.
  • Yasakani Jewel (formerly) - The following are powers shown by Ash when he acquired from Iori Yagami's Yasakani Jewel, which was later regained by Iori after Ash's disappearance:
    • Create Fire (formerly) - Ash can create red/purple fire. It is unknown if possessing the Jewel also allows its possessor to become subject to the Riot of the Blood, but it could be assumed that Ash is immune to the Riot of the Blood due to not having Orochi blood.

Fighting Style

Ash fights using an acrobatic style combined with fire abilities to give a graceful fighting style.

Despite his stature, he is extremely powerful. He is a good character for people who like to zone and poke their opponents, but he also has many other tools at the player's disposal that can be used to rush down efficiently, all while keeping the pressure on them. In KoF13, he also employs Iori's and Chizuru's powers into his moveset.

Most of his moves refer to the French Revolution; they are named after months of the French Republican Calendar.

His fighting style in general is similar to the French martial art of Savate


  • Splendid Evil - The King of Fighters 2003
  • Joker - The King of Fighters XI, The King of Fighters XIII (when the music is set to "Type B", console version only)
  • The Second Joker - The King of Fighters XIII
  • Fructidor - Days of Memories

Voice Actors

Game Appearances

Mobile Appearances

  • Days of Memories (second, fourth, and seventh titles) - unplayable
  • The King of Reversi
  • Moeyo! KOF Daiundokai
  • SNK Dream Battle

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  • Ash's character design was not made by Falcoon — in fact, some of the development sketches for Ash's final design look closer to Nona's style than the former's. However, he did add extra details to Ash while he was illustrating him to better fit his character.
  • KOF Maximum Impact: Regulation A earned its title for three reasons: arcade, arrange, and Ash. In a later interview, Falcoon relates that he asked permission from the 2D team to borrow Ash for the game.
  • Ash's face can be seen more than forty times during the Regulation A opening.




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