Astro Guy
Astro Guy's profile in the game.
Full nameAstro Guy
Height45 meters
Weight40,000 tons
WeaponWhatever buildings, ships, and other large objects he picks up
Fighting styleProfessional wrestling
Astro Guy (アストロガイ) is a character from SNK's fighting/wrestling game series King of the Monsters. He could be a homage to the tokusatsu hero Ultraman.


Astro Guy was an elderly scientist who subjected himself to his radioactive research. During his experiments, his body grew gigantic and changed him to being one of the monsters. Using his dwindling intelligence, he tries to defend the earth from the other monsters.


A man who constantly struggles against his monster instincts. He wants to be a hero with his new found strength.


  • Ki - Astro Guy can shoot yellow balls of energy throughout his elbow.

Fighting StyleEdit

Astro Guy uses a pro wrestling inspired fighting style. He uses suplexes, dropkicks and other wrestling moves.

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