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Athena Asamiya appears in various other media that doesn't necessarily tie into her canon counterpart or her The King of Fighters counterpart. She usually acts in a similar manner as her original incarnation, but she demonstrates different traits or character relationships that make her different.


Capcom vs SNK titlesEdit

Athena shares a minor rivalry with Sakura as the two school girl fighters from their respective franchises. They are generally respectful towards one another in SNK vs. Capcom: The Match of the Millennium. Her goal is to perform on stage for her fans, even after the end of both tournaments.

She also dances with Felicia in Card Fighters Clash DS whilst wearing her KOF 2003 outfit in the Music Magic counter card. They put on a concert and restore the player's health based on the amount of characters on both sides of the ring.

The King of Fighters: KyoEdit

Sensing something amiss with the 1997 tournament in Japan, she and Kensou transfer to Kyo's school in The King of Fighters: Kyo. She denies Kensou's claim that they're a couple, arguing that everyone will misunderstand them.

While she warns Kyo that they won't be friends in the incoming tournament, she decides to befriend him until then. She accompanies Kyo and company to see Souji Kusanagi, learning with them regarding the "darker side" of his family's style. She usually chides Kyo to think more about Yuki's feelings and at one point jokes about Kyo's feelings for her. Players are free to choose whatever response they want, but Athena will get upset -and slightly embarrassed- if Kyo tries to hit on her and not his girlfriend.

When she isn't with Kyo or training, she is with Kensou practicing for their band. She performs the vocals while Kensou plays the guitar. At one point, she tells Kyo and Iori to handle their aggressions in a singing contest. While both rivals agree, Iori eventually retires since he finds the competition to be stupid. She and her team lose to Kyo's team in the tournament, but they still wish the best for him and Yuki.

Samurai Shodown: RPGEdit

An archaic version of Athena makes an appearance during the Neo-Geo bonus in Shinsetsu Samurai Spirits: Bushidou Retsuden. She is a hit star in the capital, dancing and singing as if she were in modern times. In one of the story paths, she tells Shizumaru that she feels an evil entity watching her during her performances and asks for his help to eradicate it. Shizumaru, who thinks that this maybe the demon he is looking for, may choose to agree.

Knowing that her power alone will not be enough to draw out the being, she also asks him to find an attractive and strong maiden to assist her performance. Shizumaru naturally thinks of Nakoruru and Cham Cham, but he is horrified to see them collapse with a sudden chill moments after he has them agree. Left with no other options, he asks Rimururu's assistance and the plan goes without a hitch.

Depending on when Shizumaru chooses to see her, she will be on stage singing and dancing to the Psycho Soldier song.

Athena: Awakening from the Ordinary LifeEdit

Athena Asamiya for Awakening from the Ordinary Life

Awakening from the Ordinary Life artwork

Athena stars in a sci-fi spin-off, Athena: Awakening from the Ordinary Life. Up until the game begins, she has lived her life as a slightly withdrawn yet normal high school student and is best friends with Rika Kashiwazaki. As she walks through the school halls one day, a pile of books threatens to fall on top of her from the upper floor window. Too fearful to move, her psychic powers awaken and her new abilities create a miniature creator around her, blasting away the books. She struggles to find a way to cope with her sudden abilities while living her normal life. To test her strength and to improve her abilities at a quicker rate, Astraios is ordered to attack her and puts the lives of those she cares about in danger. Athena unintentionally alienates herself from her friend when she rescues her by blasting away a T-Rex, turning towards Rika with blood splattered across her face.

As she continues to understand herself, she forms a telepathic link with another psychic, Masato Kurihara. He informs her of the true workings of Tantauls, telling her how he is being used against his will to power the unfeeling super-advanced artificial intelligence. When agents of Tantauls attack her while she's at school, she initially only used her powers to defend herself from their destructive mecha and machine guns. When a loyal Rika is shot while running towards her, Athena snaps and blinds everyone with the bright light she emits. She subconsciously teleports both her and Kensou to the Tantauls main headquarters, in which she learns that the super computer has been targeting her and Kensou for a long time now. She "frees" the imprisoned scientist, Kiyono Takaoki, for Masato and mourns that the scientist's discovery was ultimately used against her wishes to create the Tantaulus computer. She particularly dreads the fact that Masato is permanently linked with the Tatulus system and there is no way to reverse the damage. To grant Masato's wish for death and to protect the future of other psychics, she faces and destroys the Tantauls super-computer. Athena is able to see and talk to Masato in person before he dies.

In the end, Athena recovers from the loss of her friend and is able to comfortably resume her life. She happily reconciles with a healthy Rika, whom she healed with her powers upon her return from Tantauls.

Days of MemoriesEdit

Athena Asamiya (Days of Memories)
DoM Athena
Athena in a concert in Boku to Kanojo no Atsui Natsu
Full nameAthena Asamiya
BirthdateMarch 14; 17 years old (first, seventh, ninth titles); 20 years old (second title); 18 years old (fifth title)
Height163cm (5'4")
Weight49kg (108 lbs)
Blood typeB
Job/OccupationPopular idol, 3rd year high school student (first title), student at Seisho High School (seventh and ninth titles)
LikesPeter Rabbit tea set, letters from fans
HobbiesCreating home pages, shopping by catalog/online, telling fortunes
Favorite foodMaple-leaf-shaped bean cakes, things with sesame flour dissolved in milk, strawberry daifuku, Sakura daifuku, churros (fifth title)
Maple-leaf-shaped bean cakes, things with sesame flour dissolved in milk (seventh title)
Forte in sportsLacrosse
Special skillSinging
Measurements (bust, waist, hip)83cm, 57cm, 82cm

Athena is a popular idol in all of her Days of Memories appearances. A few titles hints that she has the ability to read minds, but she usually doesn't exhibit any other psychic powers in this series. When she doesn't appear in certain titles, other characters will mention her songs or concerts. The archaic version of Athena from the Samurai Shodown RPG also makes a minor cameo in the third title.

Boku to Kanojo no Atsui NatsuEdit

In the first title, she is the protagonist's childhood friend who is admired by every boy in their class. Athena wakes him up for school on a regular basis, a bit annoyed by his lack of diligence but happy to spend time with him. She replies that they haven't seen one another since elementary school, since they both went to different middle schools. Wanting to help her friend, she chats with him and sporadically offers him homemade lunches. When she isn't busy with school or her career, she likes to go shopping and wonders if she should buy a new wardrobe for her friend. The protagonist remarks that she always seems to know what people are thinking, but she asks him to keep her ability a secret.

She wants to have fun like other people on summer vacation, but feels restricted due to her pending concert at the end of the month. She worries about being separated from the protagonist again and wants to stay by his side as often as time will allow. Although she promised to see the summer fireworks show with him, she has to call off their date since her job would take longer than she thought. While the protagonist tells her that they'll just see them next year, Athena continues to feel bad about it. Eventually, she admits that her manager wants her to expand her career in Tokyo, but the protagonist gives her his best wishes. Later, Athena admits that her powers and talents are painful to bear at times, wishing that other people could not distrust one another and learn to be honest with one another. She hopes that her singing can give everyone the courage to be true to themselves.

After revealing a portion of her thoughts with him, she disappears the day before her big concert. While he's searching for her, he bumps into his teacher who scolds him to consider Athena's feelings for once. He reflects that she must have felt hurt to have always been called a "childhood friend" and admits that he likes her romantically. She sends him a faint telepathic message to meet her back at school. When he arrives, he realizes that she was kidnapped by some of her obsessed fans and tries to save her. When one of them brings a knife into the fight, Athena uses her power to save him. After her concert ends, she agrees to be his girlfriend. She jokes that if she feels lonely in Tokyo, she can just teleport to his side at any time.

The titles of her songs during performances take their namesake from her actual image songs from the games.


Athena in concert in Boku no Ichiban Taisetsu na Kimi e

Boku no Ichiban Taisetsu na Kimi eEdit

During the second title, Kisarah takes the protagonist to one of Athena's concerts. He states that he was in the same class as Athena during high school and is surprised to know that she's in town. Having just finished a world tour, she remembers him and they talk about their time together three years ago. When she orders an alcoholic drink at the Illusion, she is pleased when the protagonist states that he doesn't mind her changing. She has a slight rivalry with Shizuku Misawa, as both find themselves attracted to the protagonist. He tries to keep in touch with Athena, even with her obsessive fans interrupting their outings and being personally threatened by her manager. Although she is ready to stop seeing him for his sake, Athena is touched by his genuine desire to be with her.

She visits his home and, when he states to his sister that they're more than friends, she accidentally utters the name of the previous protagonist. Embarrassed, she makes a hurried exit. He sees her again wandering the streets at night, revealing to the player that the protagonist from the first game moved to Australia sometime after graduation. When he asks why Athena mentioned the other protagonist's name, she reveals that she feel in love with her childhood friend and felt like their feelings were one. However, their relationship fell apart a year ago when she realized that her love is one sided. She remarks that she must have been a "smiling, singing doll" to him. She states that she's going to leave once more for her career, but the protagonist stops her and asks her to stay in town for a little longer.

As she spends more time with the protagonist, she gradually lets go of her feelings for her former love and is taken by the newer protagonist's kindness. However, she is afraid of being hurt once more so she hesitates starting a new relationship. Once he tells her manager that he wants to be important to her, even if he can't always see her, Athena agrees to be his girlfriend. They then start a slow but progressive relationship together.

This is the only time in the series when she has short hair, which resembles her '99 King of Fighters appearance.


Athena in Koi wa Good Job!

Koi wa Good Job!Edit

Athena has no previous relation to the protagonist in the fifth title. Karin sees through her public disguise and she is quickly acquainted with the photographer and reporter. She is much more reserved than her previous counterparts, nervous to speak her thoughts at times. She can her change clothes quickly, is a little more internet savvy than her older counterparts, and it's implied that she can read minds. She is friends with Kaoru and likes to be with her during her time off. Similar to her last appearance, Athena is in town to perform various promotional gigs for her manager. Although her busy schedule is rough on her, she believes she needs to persevere any hardship for the sake of her staff and fans.

When his mentor is too ill to go to her photoshoot, he sends the protagonist to go in his place. Despite her manager's complaints due to his lack of experience, Athena will support him as her photographer for the day. To escape the pressure of stardom or to take a break from training, she occasionally likes to wander to places where not too many people are present. She meets the protagonist during these times and they sometimes have a psuedo photoshoot just for fun and practice. They hang out at various other outings with Athena eventually scolding Jhun Hoon to leave the protagonist alone since he is a "very important person" to her.

The protagonist works together with Athena again in another photoshoot near the end of the month. Athena, who usually is usually shy while doing swimsuit sets, is able to relax and pose naturally with the protagonist behind the camera. To spread her reputation, her manager signs her up with a gig with Geese Howard. Their new client hires a greasy and infamous photographer to replace the protagonist. Although Athena tries her best to brave her new photographer, she still misses the protagonist. Meanwhile, the protagonist learns of his replacement's unsavory reputation, realizes his real feelings for Athena, and works together with her manager, Jhun Hoon, and Karin to drag her away from the set. Karin uses the crying idol's face for a sexual harassment report to ruin the photographer's reputation. Athena thanks the protagonist and agrees to work together with him in the future. In her good ending, the photo that adorns the cover of her newest single is the first photo they took together.

In her bad ending, Athena continues to work with the other photo company and doesn't see the protagonist anymore. Karin utters that he is pathetic since he let such a big fish get away.

Boku to Kanojo to Koto no KoiEdit


Athena's kimono picture in Boku to Kanojo to Koto no Koi

Like the rest of the cast, Athena is attending an-all star academy in the seventh title. Doubling as a professional idol and an obedient student, Athena is one of the shining stars of the academy. She has a positive attitude and is the type who grins and bears through anything that's assigned to her. Cheerful and friendly, she tries to get along with everyone in their class. Respectful of her career and status, the protagonist politely cheers for her success and keeps her from overexerting herself with others. For the class field trip to Kyoto, she wants to investigate the mysteries of the city; she is also excited to get time off from her career and wants to enjoy and relax during the trip.

If players only focus on Athena before the trip, she and Kula will be assigned with the protagonist in Kyoto. Athena stresses that they should visit the historical landmarks, but Kula finds them boring and would rather see the live shows or other modern events. When Athena tries to scold her, Kula remarks that her classmate should stop forcing herself into a "perfect image" and have fun every once in awhile. Although Athena declines the remark, she does seem distraught. When they head back to the traditional inn, she tells characters fortunes with tarot cards or prepares for her next concert. She also makes acquaintances with Xiao Lon during their stay at the inn. The protagonist hypothetically wonders if she could enjoy herself more as a student if she were to quit her career, but he encourages her to never give up her profession.

On their last free day of the trip, he asks Athena to spend time with him. She agrees but receives a call from her manager not too long in their outing. She reluctantly explains that a fan saw them there and posted a photo of them on their blog. Not wanting to have fans misunderstand their relationship, she tries to take her leave. However, the protagonist gently asks her to stay for her own sake rather than her career. They then run to a deserted part of the city to continue their outing together. When she tries to apologize for being hard to deal with, he says he understands that she's just being polite. Frustrated that he doesn't understand her feelings, she cries that she is prim-and-proper since she is afraid of having her true self rejected. The protagonist says otherwise, saying that the class would still like her no matter, believing that she is really a kind person. When Athena explains that her reason for singing is to instill strength in anyone who listens, the fan who took the photo overhears them and introduces herself to them. The fan is actually Kaoru and she tells her life story to Athena. Apologizing for mistakingly posting her idol's private life, Kaoru agrees to remove the photo from her blog immediately. Her story instills Athena with the courage to be her real self for herself and her career. She ends her outing with the protagonist by confessing her real feelings for him and her classmates.

Sekai de Ichiban Atsui FuyuEdit


Athena in her winter uniform in Sekai de Ichiban Atsui Fuyu

Since the last three titles are a part of a trilogy with the same setting, Athena is still enrolled in the same academy. The main differences between the two titles is that it is half a year later in December and the protagonist has changed. To celebrate a Christmas party with the nearby Haten High School, she and Kyo are chosen as council members. Their goal is to mingle with the student body to decide partners for the study groups. To help each school bond better together for the party, each study group is asked to clear certain assignments from both schools' instructors. Since Japan often associates Christmas as a romantic holiday spent with someone special, Kyo teases the protagonist to choose Athena as his partner for the event. When Kyo states that he wants to pair with Athena, he only wants to so he can easily breeze through any educational part of the event with no worries. While the protagonist hangs around her, he begins to see past her idol image.

For their first study group assignment, Gato hands them a 10 year old and expensive looking photograph of a pretty girl in Chinese clothing. He then barks at them to find the truth behind the photo somewhere in town. Since they are left with vague instructions and with no other photos like it in town, Athena and Mai interpret that maybe they should replicate it through a drawing instead. With the rest of the group agreeing, Athena then draws the portrait with Mai as a model. Their replacement is good enough for a passing grade. They get their second group assignment from Geese, which is to write a report about the history of both schools. Athena suggests that they use the internet for their research and they get the job done quickly. After they use Athena to deal with Nakoruru's mysterious beast, their last assignment is to test Gato's strength on Geese's orders. Mai and Joe think they should hold a tournament to find Gato, but Athena convinces the group to practice Mongol singing since she remembered that the teacher liked it. When their plan fails to lure him out, Athena suggests to try asking her fanclub to find Gato's whereabouts. When they confront him, Joe challenges him to a match but is beaten in one blow. The rest of the gang run away to rethink their strategy. The following day, the protagonist confronts Gato alone and, though he still suffered a one blow defeat, he is able to impress the teacher with his footwork. Athena is glad that her advice helped and the group passes for the Christmas party.

Athena is happy when the protagonist invites her on Christmas day, but she is offended when she thinks that he is only interested in her since she is an idol. When he tells her that this isn't the case, she relaxes and starts to enjoy the party a bit more. However, she starts to act strangely when some of the glass around the area begins to crack. She tries to leave but the protagonist stops her, asking her why she is acting so defensively. She then confesses that she has psychic powers but she doesn't know how to control them very well. Since her powers have never been aggressive before, she worries and becomes scared of herself when the glass cracks in the party. When the protagonist tries to tell her that he isn't scared of her, she leaves but is held in a trance by Mizuki, who wants to steal her soul. The demon reasons that she is able to use Athena as her "doll" since the girl doubted the protagonist's love for her. He breaks her free with the help of her soul, Nakoruru and Akari. With Mizuki defeated, he and Athena reconcile and admit their feelings for one another. When Athena returns to her school and profession, the protagonist is slightly depressed since he hasn't been able to see her in awhile. He chances to see a televised interview of her admitting that she is in love with someone. Against the advice of her manager, she openly admits that she won't sing love songs if she isn't in love, which prompts the protagonist to ask her on a date as soon as possible.

In the DS version of the game, she also introduces her cousin, Athena Hatsushiro.

Drama CDsEdit

The King of Fighters seriesEdit

In the 1996 drama, she opposes on Benimaru Nikaido for a date and is insulted when he mistakes her for a mere teenager at first. Although she doesn't elaborate her reasons for asking him out, Benimaru catches sight of Sie Kensou watching from afar and refuses her offer. He tells her to stay true to the ones close to her, especially when she truly cares for them.

Athena makes a small appearance during the Destiny side for the 1997 drama CD stories. She shyly approaches Benimaru again and hits him with a Psycho Ball when he insults her age. She meets him in the same area as the previous drama. Benimaru asks if she made up with her "boyfriend" but she assures him that she is here this time to give a special friend a present. Wanting to do something with someone, she drags him against his will to an arcade center to a Neo Print machine. However, since she dropped her wallet in the streets, Benimaru sets it up for her. Benimaru is embarrassed to take a photo set with her but she is happy to see the expression on his face. She then admits that she is there since she heard his sad and scared inner voice through telepathy. Athena tries to cheer him up, but he abruptly takes his leave.

She is lost in the city during the 1998 drama CD and asks Shingo Yabuki for help. They both get lost for awhile until Choi Bounge tries to hold her hostage. Shingo saves her and they follow Kyo to the Death Game arena. When Shingo struggles against Iori, she saves him with a Psycho Ball. She worries for Kyo and Shingo for the rest of the story, but she doesn't play a strong part in the narrative.

In the 1999 drama CD, Athena ate at Li Xiangfei's family restaurant but realizes that she doesn't have any money on her. Although she is trying to find her manager so he can pay, Xiangfei calls her a thief and chases her around the city. She fortunately bumps into Shingo and the other events in the drama distracts the trio for the rest of the day. In the secondary side of the story, she disguises herself to enjoy her day off. She runs into Jhun Hoon, who immediately obsesses over her for an autograph. She distracts him by randomly pointing away at something and runs away as fast as she can. When she stops, she runs into Xiangfei again, who is still upset about her not paying from the other day. Before anything else can happen, K' and the Kyo clone interrupt the peace in the streets once more.

Whip swings in but Athena is fed up with all of the noise on the day she wants to relax and attacks the soldier. During the encounter, she reads the other woman's mind and is stunned by the feelings that she feels. She tries to emphasize with Whip but the latter leaves, saying that those who don't understand her strife are happier. Athena stars in the gag bonus section and is supposed to act as a cheerful and polite host. However, the irritation she feels from the new characters' replies makes her explode or literally whip them into submission. Although she manages to compose herself from most of the characters, she completely loses it when Jhun Hoon runs into the studio and she bombards the place with Psycho Balls.

During the 2000 drama, she goes through several hardships just to catch up to her teammates. Since they were last in Korea talking to Kim Kaphwan, she at first flies to Korea to meet them. Missing them by only a few hours, she tries to rendezvous with them at the airport. However, Jhun Hoon insists on escorting her to a fine dinner and accidentally drags him, her, and Choi into a terrorist attack with K' and Maxima. What follows is a long string of mishaps and odd occurrences as she hops around the world trying to get to at least Southtown in time for the King of Fighters tournament. She meets Kyo in Mexico and begs him to come back home to Japan since everyone is worried about him. He gives her some parting words to tell his girlfriend before he takes off. By the end of the drama, she finally finds the right flight and can make it in time for the tournament.

She is one of the contestants invited to the private killing brawl in Mid Summer Struggle but she refuses to participate. Maxima saves her and she meets up with Kyo in the alleyways of the city. She follows Kyo until they reach Shaorun's office and tries to stop the fight between him and Iori Yagami. She is almost caught in the midst of their fight but is saved by Ash Crimson.

TGS Live SkitsEdit

Prior to the launch of The King of Fighters XII, Athena participated in a few skits for the booth at SNK Playmore. She is happy to see her fellow fighters and greets them in cheerful idol fashion. When Kyo begins to remark that it seems that she gained some weight, she angrily interrupts him and tells him to not mention it again.

Neo Geo DJ StationEdit

In this universe, Athena is a member of The Band of Fighters and participates in various nonsensical skits with the other characters. She plays a minor part as the show's host in the first drama, mainly announcing the next skit and answering fan letters. She scolds Kensou to not call himself "Athena's only lover" and angrily expresses her thoughts on air.

Athena participates in a few skits in Neo Geo DJ Station Special but mainly does secondary roles throughout the stories. She acts as a part of Nakoruru's bossy posse in the "Kusanagi Family" drama and picks on Ioriko. When the characters can't keep up the act, she swears that she doesn't know anything about "that book" and is humiliated that Mai would try to drag her into the mess of an ending. When Choi wishes for a high school romance universe from the Ice Fairy, an infatuated Athena tries to confess her feelings to him in typical dating sim fashion.

In Neo Geo DJ Station 2, she is late to the rehearsal with her other band members. They muse that she probably got lost again in the city and Iori remarks that she must be hopeless. She and Kyo host the second comedy competition with Genjuro Kibagami as the man to impress. She also plays a helpless damsel in distress so that she can be saved by the "Niconico Samurai".

In the final drama story with the series, she appears with her psychic powers to try to save Yamazaki and company from the past. She concentrates and tries to warp them back to their time. However, she only succeeded in making an unfortunate time loop and the party land on top of Saya and Mikoto again. Since Athena needs time to regenerate her strength, they just run away from the two fighters again.

Athena: Awakening from the Ordinary LifeEdit

She mainly does the same as her game counterpart, except she delves more into her personal thoughts and opinions regarding certain events.

Days of MemoriesEdit

Although Athena is one of the hosts for the radio show, she plays a minor part and doesn't actually get to answer anonymous questions as well as other characters. She means well, but her advice is usually outshined by the other characters in the booth with her. When her cousin gets falsely arrested by Mary, she remarks that she will pick her up later.

In the second drama, she visits King and is pleased to enjoy an outing with Mina. As an idol, she remarks that she is popular but doesn't have friends or a boyfriend, making her an undesirable example to the tanned maiden.



Athena from KOF: Another Day

In The King of Fighters: Another Day, Athena was stuck in traffic in Southtown on her way to a concert when Ash Crimson lit the city on fire. She sensed a girl in danger and went to her rescue. There she met Mai Shiranui and Soiree Meira, who saved the little girl. Soiree asked the two women to take care of the girl while he would try to protect and help out the residents. A careless Iori Yagami pushed the girl - who was in front of him - aside while searching for Ash, which triggered a fight between Iori and Soiree. The two battled inside a church which started to crumble. Athena was able to save Soiree with her psychic powers, while Mai destroyed the debris with her Ryu Enbu. When morning came, Athena remembered her concert and rushed to meet her manager.




In The King of Fighters: Kyo, Athena is a sort of secondary rival for Yuki as Athena acts as though she knows more about Kyo than her. She transfers to his school to observe him, curious about the power he exhibited from the '95 tournament. When Iori attack Kyo in front of Yuki, Athena eventually becomes between them. Whilst using her powers, she briefly catches a glimpse inside Iori's mind and sees him as a crying child. She then emphasizes with him.

Later, when Kyo conquers the darker side of his family's technique, she joins him, Yuki, and Kensou on a friendly outing and learns the history of the Hakkesshu. She later asks them to help her participate in a band competition and is one of the people who watch Kyo battle Goenitz.

In Ryo Takamisaki's The King of Fighters: G, Athena becomes the main character. She interrupts her training with Chin and Kensou as she has a bad dream where her friend Kyo is beaten to death by Goenitz; when she reaches for him it almost becomes true, but he barely survives. From then on Athena teams up with Kyo through the KOF tournament to make sure he won't be killed; in the final battle, after Chizuru Kagura almost dies at the hands of Goenitz, Athena fights in her stead and helps Kyo and Iori banish him forever.

Live ActionEdit

Athena: Awakening from the Ordinary LifeEdit

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