Atomic Guy
Atomic Guy
Atomic Guy
Full nameAtomic Guy
Height98 meters
Weight126,000 tons
WeaponWhatever buildings, ships, and other large objects he picks up.
Fighting styleProfessional wrestling

Atomic Guy (アトミックガイ) is a fictional character from SNK Playmore's fighting/wrestling game series King of the Monsters. He is the successor to Astro Guy of the first King of Monsters game.


A wrestler who was exposed to radiation and grew to an enormous size. With most of his intelligence and humanity gone, he begin his journey to consume nuclear plants around the world in order to keep powered up. He helps to fight off the alien invasion led by Famardy with his two new found monster friends: Geon and Cyber Woo.


  • Electrokinesis - Atomic Guy can zap his enemies with his bare hands. He can also call down a lightning strike from the sky to fry his foes.
  • Ki - Atomic Guy can shoot an orange energy blast from his hands. He can also create a giant, angry face made of ki.

Fighting StyleEdit

Atomic Guy uses a pro wrestling inspired fighting style. He uses suplexes, dropkicks, backbreakers and other wrestling moves.

Game AppearancesEdit

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