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Ayako Kawasumi

Ayako Kawasumi (川澄 綾子, Kawasumi Ayako), born on March 30, 1976 in Tokyo, Japan, is a prolific seiyū and J-pop singer. Watching baseball games is one of her main hobbies (the Tokyo Yakult Swallows are her personal favorite team), she is affectionately referred to by her fellow seiyū and fans as "Ayachii (あやちー, Ayachii)", "Peyaya (ぺやや, Peyaya)", "Ayasumi (あやすみ, Ayasumi)" and "Aya-nē (あやねえ, Aya-nē)", and she is a skilled pianist, having practiced the piano since childhood (this is most noticeable in that she composed and performed "...To You", the OP to Piano).

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