Ayame's default image.
Full nameAyame Ichitsuka
BirthdateJuly 14
BirthplaceFlag of Japan.svg Japan
Height160 cm (5'3")
Weight48 kg (106 lbs.)
Blood typeAB
Family/RelativesTsugumi Ichitsuka (younger twin sister)
LikesHer sister
Dislikes"People who won't face their sins"
HobbiesHer family's garden
Favorite foodBroiled cabbage
Forte in sportsTennis
Special skillCooking
Favorite musicGospel
Measurements (bust, waist, hip)90, 60, 90 cm

Ayame Ichitsuka (壱塚 あやめ, Ichitsuka Ayame) is an 18-year old character from the Days of Memories series. She appears in Junpaku no Tenshitachi.


Ayame is the hospital's religious sister. Her family founded the place with hopes to also make it an astrological observatory. After her parents passed away, Ayame decided to stay with her family's business to protect her family's legacy and her sister, Tsugumi, who lost her memories ten years ago. She waits patiently for the day when Tsugumi will be her old self again.

In her ending, the protagonist learns the real reasons why she is staying. She is forced to work for Magaki who knows the real history behind the hospital facility: it stores alien lifeforms as tests for medicinal research. Though Ayame's grandfather had intended to release the aliens immediately, Magaki killed him and started experiments using the alien lifeforms and hospital patients as subjects. One of them is Tsugumi, who was infused with a mysterious medicine. Unfortunately, he also has the cure to her amnesia, which he uses as his bait for Ayame's compliance. He instructs her to keep an eye on Tsugumi's progress and to kill anyone else who knew their secrets.

Since the protagonist knew Magaki's plans, Ayame chases him with a knife. He runs to a hallway where they are interrupted by Tsugumi. Determined to stop him from escaping, Ayame strikes and accidentally wounds her sister in the progress. Although she nearly faints from shock, the protagonist will tell her to buck up and help them escape. When they almost reach the exit, Shion captures Ayame. He is ready to finish them off until they are rescued by Malin. Once they reach safety, Malin patches up Tsugumi's wound and Ayame will run back to Magaki and Shion, setting their hideout and the hospital's dark history on fire. She intended to stay in the flames as repentance for her sins, but the protagonist convinces her to escape and live with him.


Ayame is a religious and caring person, loved by hospital employees and residents alike for her maternal persona. She became a vegetarian because she doesn't desire to eat helpless animals. Although she is gentle and benevolent, she won't hesitate to punish anything inappropriate to the situation with a sound smack. She also chides Tsugumi's childish protests, wanting her sister to stay inside and rest.

Fighting StyleEdit

She has some experience with knives.


  • Rosario dancing in the wind - Days of Memories

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