B. Jenet

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In BattleEdit

  • "Beautiful victory!"

Garou: Mark of the WolvesEdit

Win QuotesEdit

  • "Wow, you chauvinists can be cool, too, can't you?" (Vs. Butt)
  • "Why the scary face? Let the sun shine in!" (Vs. Gato)
  • "If you have to be me, do it more elegantly!" (Vs. Herself)
  • "Oooh! Who's this kid? You're just so cute!" (Vs. Hokutomaru)
  • "You're forgiven, toots. You can look up to me." (Vs. Hotaru)
  • "Eeew! He's a cop! See you later, alligator!" (Vs. Kevin)
  • "I can't believe you kicked me. I'm so angry!" (Vs. Kim Dong Hwan)
  • "You're really lucky! You got to fight me!" (Vs. Kim Jae Hoon)
  • "What's wrong, stud? Too pretty for you?" (Vs. Rock)
  • "Terry Bogard... My first love..." (Vs. Terry)
  • "Aaah! Your fighting spirit burns my blood!" (Vs. Tizoc)
  • "Such a great place and no treasure? Fudge!" (Vs. Grant (player controlled))
  • "Yah, hah, hah! I'll take the treasure!" (Vs. Kain (player controlled))

Vs. FreemanEdit


Freeman: "Hey, babe. It's slaughter time."
Jenet: "W, what? You, you dissing me?"
Freeman: "Why do you shake? Heh, don't worry."
Jenet: "Ha! I'm gonna destroy you! Come on, freak!"


Jenet: "Hah... Pant... I did it!..."
Freeman: "You were great!"
Jenet: "You better pay for this dress! Later, weirdo. Bye, bye!"

Vs. GrantEdit


Jenet: "Yikes! It's so dark! But I know the treasure's here."
?: "You're crafty for a woman. But... those arms are weak. Leave this place, now..."
Jenet: "Oh! The organizer appears! Show me the money, freak!"
Grant: "I am Grant... The Martyr of Might... Now show me your awesome power... me all you have."


Grant: "Oooh. You sure can fight. But you look like a bimbo!"
Jenet: "You're no gentleman, sir. But you sure know your stuff!"
Grant: "Hmph. You said it... Bye, toots. Goodbye, Kain!"

Vs. Kain R. HeinleinEdit

Pre-Final Battle

?: "Grant lost?... That woman's a lot tougher than she looks. So what now?..."
Jenet: "So, you must be Kain. You're quite a stud, huh? But I bet you're a low-down, scum-sucking criminal."
Kain: "I have my reasons, though. Money is a mean to my end."
Jenet: "Hmph. An end, huh? Just what end is that?"
Kain: "This current society, wasting its valueless days... ...needs to learn how to live more creatively. So I'll set this city free and let the mighty rule!"
Jenet: "Secede Second Southtown? ...You're... ...serious?"
Kain: "Yeah... and I'll show you..."


Kain: "Ugh...I've lost..."
Jenet: "You're too analytical. Live life with a smile! That's enough, is it?"
Kain: "You speak wisdom. You're a fine woman. You seem like a space case, but you see life clearly."
Jenet: "......"
(Kain's Palace starts crumbling)
Kain: "D...Don't give me that look. This is...the end...of Kain."
(Kain's Palace explodes, leaving his fate unknown)


Jenet: "Quick, get out of here! ...Huh, you? No way! ...You lookin' to die?"
?: "...B..."
?: "...oss..."
Lillien Knights: "Boss..."
Jenet: "...Ah... What, where am I?"
Lillien Knights: "We would've bought it had we not ran for it."
Jenet: "I own you one, I guess."
Lillien Knights: "What are you saying? We're glad we saved you."
Jenet: "Uh, weren't there two of us?"
Lillien Knights: "No, just you, Master."
Jenet: "Really? Ah, whatever... By the way... Where's our treasure?"
Lillien Knights: "Well, uh, we were so busy rescuing you... ...we left it behind."
Jenet: "You pinheaded buffoons! What the heck do you think we did this for?! You worthless!..."
Lillien Knights: "Yah! Save us!"
Jenet: "...... Ah, what a fiasco..."

The King of Fighters XIEdit

Win QuotesEdit

  • "Ah, ha, ha, you're an easy read! Use your head! That's what it's there for!"
  • "Game over, fool! Time to freshen up with a shower!"
  • "No, no, no! This can't be it! This can't be the legendary KOF!"
  • "Well then, I'm outta here. Care to come along?"
  • "That is some wild nail art there! Would you do mine that way?" (Vs. Ash)
  • "You're kidding! A soldier?! I'm not into the power of the state." (Vs. Ikari Warriors Team)
  • "You remind me of my Daddy. Boo, hoo, hoo!" (Vs. Oswald)
  • "You held back... for little ol' me?" (Vs. Terry)

KOF: Maximum Impact 2Edit

Match StartEdit

  • "It's your lucky day. That's because today you get to fight me."

Pre Battle DialoguesEdit

Geese Howard

Jenet: "No way! You can't be Geese Howard!"

Kim Kaphwan

Jenet: "You know, before you start preaching, why don't you work on your own boys? They pick up girls everywhere!"

Mai Shiranui

Jenet: "Maybe it's me, but don't you think you've passed your prime?"

Ninon Beart

Jenet: "It's all right, even if you envy a lady like myself."
Ninon: "I'm not a little bit jealous."

Rock Howard

Jenet: "Are you dazzled...because I'm way too hot?"

Terry Bogard

Jenet: "If I told you you were my first love, would you believe me?"
Terry: "Well, that is an honor! But I'm still gonna beat you, sweetie!"

Win QuoteEdit

  • "Ah! I saw that coming!"
  • "As a woman, I think you still need to practice, don't you think?" (vs. Ninon)
  • "You're so cute, handsome boy!" (vs. Rock)