Ball Boy
Ball ova
Full nameDelta Force Kawahenge Economy Parts VIII "Penchgraph"
BirthdateMay 2, 237 (based on the fixed star interval calendar); 11 months old (inputted as 11 years old in his database)
Height36 cm (1'2")
Weight28 kg (62 lbs)
Blood typeArtificial REM energy Type 7
Job/OccupationShaia's assistant
LikesShaia, all of Shaia's 26 CD releases, all of Shaia's 145 bromides
DislikesShaia turning away from the camera
Ball Boy (ボールボーイ, Boru Boi) is a character from the Neo Geo game Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer. He is voiced by Marc Garber and Yoshiyuki Kono.


Ball Boy is Shaia's tool and robotic partner in crime. He helps her transform and supports her in battle with any tools available to him. He has a rival called Chris Boy.


Ball Boy is rather attracted to his mistress. She adores him and calls him "Boy".


  • Pyrokinesis - Ball Boy has the power to emit and throw various fireballs. He can also cover himself with a burning aura as he attacks Shaia's opponents.

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