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Bandeiras Hattori

Here is a list of quotes for Bandeiras Hattori.

The King of Fighters XIVEdit


  • "Iku de gozaru o!" - "Let's head out!"
  • "Tadaima sanjou!" - "I'm back and here!"
  • "Sessho no de ban de gozaru!" - "I'm going in next!"

In BattleEdit

  • "Iza, jinjou ni shoubu!" - "Now, let's have a fair and square fight!"
  • "Ninpou: Kama Itachi!" - "Ninja Art: Sickle Weasel!"
  • "Ninpou: Tatami Gaeshi!" - "Ninja Art: Tatami Flip!"
  • "Brasilia Ninjutsu Ougi!" - "Brazilian Ninjutsu Secret Technique!"
  • "Chesto!"
  • "Yaru de gozaru na." - "Not too bad."
  • "Kawarimi de gozaru!" - "Substitution!"
  • "Brazilia Ninjutsu Ougi!" - "Brazilian Ninjutsu Secret Art!"
  • "Rin pyo to sha kai jin retsu zai zen. Kakugo!" - "Rin pyoh toh sha kai jin retsu zai zen. Get ready!" (Climax)
  • "Jousha hissui de gozaru." - "Spontaneous necessity." (Climax end)
  • "Namu amida butsu."
  • "Arigato gozaimashita." - "Thank you very much."
  • "Munen!" - "Such a shame!" (KO)
  • "Namusan!" (Final KO)

Pre-Battle DialoguesEdit

Choi Bounge

Bandeiras: "What's this?! Clearly suspicious!"
Choi: "How rude, and out of nowhere!"
Bandeiras: "And you're a monster! This is the first time I've encountered something like you!"
Choi: "I'm a human!!"

Mai Shiranui

Mai: Wh-what's with this creep?!
Bandeiras: So you're a female NINJA. I'll let you be my teacher!
Mai: Wha? Are you kidding? You fake ninja!
Bandeiras: Oh, is it bad for me to ask? Alright, but if I win, I'm gonna make you my teacher.
Mai: What the... I don't get it!

Robert Garcia

Robert: "Woah, that's a weird look. Are you an anime character?"
Bandeiras: "I do NINPO. Well, I'm training to do NINPO."
Robert: "Ninja? You sure you didn't miss something?"
Bandeiras: "Don't worry. It's perfect."
Robert: "O-Oh really? Well, I don't know any ninja moves besides "Kasumi-giri" and head-butt."

Win Quotes Edit

  • "I am a NINJA. NIN NIN...."
  • "Do you have an interest in disciplining yourself with Brazilian NINJUTSU?"
  • "This was all thanks to my amulet. ARIGATAYA, ARIGATAYA!"
  • "The outcome of this fight was the result of my daily effort."
  • "I nominate you as my first student in Brazilian NINJUTSU!"
  • "Why don’t you do NINJA JIGYO with me? You can definitely master some new techniques!"
  • "You’re too strong! I was worried from beginning to end."
  • "My Brazilian NINJUTSU… How is it?"
  • "Such strength, why don’t you try applying it to Brazilian NINJUTSU?"
  • "My NINJA battles will continue from here. I ask you to support me."
  • "That was the perfect match to get me warmed up."
  • "You need to do more JIGYO!"
  • "That match ended unexpectedly quick."
  • "You can’t escape from my NINJUTSU!"
  • "We both fought with everything we had. I have no grudge with you."
  • "Another step closer to becoming an ideal NINJA."
  • "On to the next; so easy."
  • "Ohoho… I’ve still got more left over."
  • "If I keep winning like this, new students will definitely come pouring in!"
  • "Never forget, it was these cross-shaped KUNAI that defeated you."
  • "Very close! That was splendid!"
  • "Now you see me, now you… Mm? Uh, what? Still here…"
  • "Don’t worry about it. I didn’t strike to kill."
  • "You can’t hit me from that distance!"
  • "If you’re frustrated losing to a NINJA, come at me again any time!! ...Let’s leave it at that."
  • "I beat Japanese-style NINJUTSU… This is the moment my JIGYO becomes a true part of me!" (vs Andy)
  • "The dignity required of a champion! It’s admirable!" (vs Antonov)
  • "Appearing behind me instantaneously… Are by chance a magical girl?!" (vs Athena)
  • "The way you move about so freely in mid-air… You must be a NINJA!" (vs Choi)
  • "Even JUDO can’t catch a NINJA like me!" (vs Daimon)
  • "Such endurance... If I’m going to instruct a lot of students, I’ll need to have about that much." (vs Gang-il)
  • "Butlers are strong… Just like they are in MANGA." (vs Hein)
  • "A NINJA should never lose to a mere Japanese CHINPIRA like you!" (vs Iori)
  • "The way you carry yourself with that hood and coat combo!! ...It’s so KAKKOI!" (vs Kukri)
  • "HYOTON-JUTSU technique?! Tell me where you learned that JUTSU." (vs Kula)
  • "You can change your hair color?! ...What a strange JUTSU!" (vs Leona)
  • "That was a scary KATON-JUTSU technique… As expected of my new NINJA master!" (vs Mai)
  • "You have this air of holiness emanating from you...ARIGATAYA, ARIGATAYA." (vs Nakoruru)
  • "Hohoho… Those quick fists of yours are KATANASHI in the face of my NINJUTSU technique!" (vs Nelson)
  • "What?! A non-NINJA who moves softly and quickly… it’s a big world." (vs Ramon)
  • "Those splendid kicks destroyed all my tricks. That was close; I barely won." (vs Robert)
  • "I understand how you feel! It’s tough trying to attract new students." (vs Ryo)
  • "A NINJA must master his spirit, after all..." (vs Tung Fu Rue)
  • "You’re some type of monster! I’ll knock you out. Get out of here, demon!" (vs Verse)
  • "Zarina, that technique is gorgeous… It must be some type of YOJUTSU magic!" (vs Zarina)

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