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Beast Busters
North American flyer
Developer(s)Hamachi, Papa and team, Images Design
Publisher(s)SNK, U.S. Gold, Activision
Release dateArcade
Commodore Amiga
Atari ST
GenreRain shooter
Game modesSingle-player, Up to 3 players simultaneously
Platform(s)Arcade, Commodore Amiga, Atari ST

Beast Busters is a rail shooter arcade game released by SNK. A sequel entitled Beast Busters: Second Nightmare was released in 1999 on the Hyper Neo Geo 64.

A city has been invaded by the undead. Play as one of three militiamen named Johnny Justice, Paul Patriot and Sammy Stately, who must shoot their way out of the city.

The game was known for having irregular bosses, such as a zombie punk who mutates into a dog, or a jeep which starts coming to life. One stage ends with the militiamen having to rescue a female CIA agent from that stage's boss.

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