Beetle Master

Beetle Master is a large scorpion-like monster. He has a detachable brain, which is used in communicating with the forces of good. He typically burrows in the ground. Beetle Master makes his first appearance in King of the Monsters 2 as the fourth boss.

Beetle Master is shown to be the only other "sophisticated" boss, speaking to the heroes with threats of Famardy's power and the success of their invasion. He appears while the heroes are in New York City, Paris, and the Desert.


  • Throw projectile - Beetle Master can throw his own head at his opponents to deal damage.
  • Energy beams - Beetle Master can fire energy beams from his stomach.
  • Poison - Beetle Master can poison his opponent using his sting.
  • Duplication - Beetle master can create a double of himself when low on health.

Fighting StyleEdit

If the player(s) engage him in a throw contest and he wins, he can turn the losing monster purple. When this happens, a player's controls on the directional pad are inverted (i.e. the "up" command is now the "down" command) until the effect wears off. Beetle Master turns completely purple once his health is decreased to a certain level. It is here where he begins burrowing in the ground with the risk of grabbing any monster on the field if he comes up under their feet.

Beetle Master is the easiest boss to win a grapple against. Nine times out of ten, he will lose, which gives the player(s) the upper-hand in battle.

Game AppearancesEdit