Big Bear.

List of quotes for the face persona Big Bear.

Fatal Fury 2Edit

Pre-Battle QuoteEdit

  • "Start at once. You're finished."

Win QuotesEdit

  • "Ahh, I think it was too much!"
  • "My power is tremendous. I want to fight the next one!"
  • "Use your head! You think you can beat me?"
  • "You're like a fly. Your sounds annoy me."
  • "You chose the wrong person to intimidate." (Vs. Himself)


(Bear did his victory pose after defeating Krauser)
May 15, 1993. Big Bear becomes the strongest in the world.
Bear: "No one can challenge me? Terry, let's have a rematch."

Fatal Fury SpecialEdit

Pre-Battle Quotes Edit

  • "Taste the blows of this reborn titan. Ah cha cha." (Vs. Characters presented in Fatal Fury)
  • "Stop whining. One blow and it'll be all over." (Vs. Fatal Fury 2 newcomers)
  • "Oooh. You make me so flustered." (Vs. Geese)
  • "Just so you don't copy me again. I'm gonna crush you!" (Vs. Himself)

Win Quotes (Big Bear)Edit

  • "Whoops! I hope that heals all right."
  • "Change your soul or at least your shoes. P.U.!" (Vs. Geese/Krauser)


Bear: "Terry Bogard! One more match!"

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