Blue Mary's Blues is a blues/jazz inspired image song for Blue Mary. It was first seen by players in Real Bout Fatal Fury Special as a bonus music video. It was also featured as her character theme for her playable appearance in The King of Fighters '97. The in-game footage for the song can be seen here.

Japanese lyrics taken from here.

Blue Mary's Blues
Japanese lyrics

Ah! Kiss Me!

Awaku gin'iro ni tokeru machi

Utsuri kina ashioto

Yes! Nagare-dasu Neon no uzu ni

Hisomu kage toraete

Mou wasenai kiken na yamiyo mo

Nerai uchi kimeru wa

Yes! Harley tsumeru kodou osaete

Thrill ni kyoujiru Come On Baby!

Jikan no naka ni suberi-ochita kaze no kioku

Sou! Yaseta kokoro o itame-tsukete nemuri ni tsuku

kikoeru Blues ga...

Ah! Touch Me!

Shiroku machi ni utsuru tame-iki

Hitogomi ni kieteku

Yes! Omoi-kiri nakitai yo fuke wa

Cocktail de kanpai

Hirusagari reizouko akete mo

Dog Food dake hieteru

Yes! Tsurai toki kanjiru mama ni

Harley tobashite kime-komu Come On Baby!

Kagami ni utsuru senaka

mitsume sagashi-dasu mirai

Sou kasanaru omoi o sotto tsutsumi sora ni nageru

Good-Bye soshite

sugao ni Kiss-shite jibun homeru no Love myself

genki-zukeru wa tsuyoku

Nee tooku de hibiku Rhythm kikoete-kuru

Shuuru na Blues ga

Kiite Humm...

English translation

Ah! Kiss Me!

The silver colored town

reflects with footsteps

Yes! the flowing swirl of neon

seizes the hidden shadow

It's no longer peaceful with this dangerous darkness

I aim and target it

Yes! I ride my Harley to ease my sorrow

for a cheap thrill Come On Baby!

Within me time's slipping-falling memories of the wind

Yes! My dried up heart's pain is fixed on the memories in my sleep

Listening to Blues...

Ah! Touch Me!

In order to live in this blinding town

I vanish in the crowd

Yes! Later on, wanting to cry with all my heart,

I raise a cocktail

All my subordinate needs

is dog food in the early afternoon

Yes! When I'm stuck in a rut,

I just fly away on my Harley Come On Baby!

The reflection of my back in the mirror

shows the future I'm searching for

Yes, those bone dry feelings are unconsciously thrown to the sky

Good-Bye and

I honestly kiss and praise myself, love myself

the cheerfulness makes me strong

Hey, listening to that faraway, echoing rhythm

gives off a surrealistic blues

Listen Humm...


  • Real Bout Fatal Fury Special Arranged Soundtrack
  • SNK Presents NEO-GEO DJ Station Live '98
  • Shinsekai Gakkyoku Zatsugidan Final ~The 20th Century Memorial Best~

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