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Blues Hablam
Height6'2" (188cm)
Weight352 lbs (160kg)
Job/OccupationProfessional Wrestler
WeaponA knife
Fighting styleProfessional Wrestling

Blues Hablam (ブルース・ハブラム, Burūsu Haburamu) is a character from 3 Count Bout fighting game. As an overweight wrestler that brings a knife to his matches, he could be based on Abdullah the Butcher, although Abdullah brings a fork to his matches.


Blues Hablam is the face gimmick of Blubber Man. Blues is a Mexican professional wrestler that brings a knife to his matches.


He has the trademark festive personality of a Mexican.

Fighting StyleEdit

He uses the following professional wrestling moves:

Game AppearancesEdit

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Blues Hablam

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