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Captain Kidd
Captain Kidd in World Heroes
Full nameKidd
BirthdateNovember 19,1544
Height190cm (6'3")
Weight78kg (172 lbs)
Blood typeB
Job/OccupationPirate Captain
LikesWomen, gold, wine, boats, casinos, the sea
DislikesSalaryman, boredom
Fighting stylePirate brawling

Captain Kidd (キャプテンキッド, Kyaputen Kiddo) is a character in the World Heroes series of fighting games.


Captain Kidd was a pirate that robbed all the treasures he could find. Getting bored of no action, he enters the tournament.


He's definitely no gentleman, but he has a good heart deep down underneath his rowdy and crass personality. Being a pirate, he is always looking for riches to plunder and gets excited when he's on the hunt.


  • Water Projectile - He can release two projectiles made of water: one that resembles a ghost ship and another that resembles a shark.

Fighting StyleEdit

Kidd fights with a rowdy style that resembles bar brawling.

Cultural ReferencesEdit

Captain Kidd was inspired by Scottish sailor turned pirate, Captain William Kidd.


  • Nice Guys of the Seven Seas - World Heroes 2
  • 'Ana' -The- World - World Heroes 2
  • Nice Guy of the Great Waterfall - World Heroes 2 Jet

Game AppearancesEdit




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