The King of Fighters XIV final concept by Ogura
Full nameChang Koehan
BirthdateOctober 21; 38 years old (KOF '94), 39 years old (KOF series)
BirthplaceFlag of South Korea.svg South Korea
Height227 cm (7'5")
Weight203 kg (448 lbs) (KOF'94~'97, CvS2), 303 kg (668 lbs) (KOF'98~)
Blood typeB
Job/OccupationRecidivist criminal, Taekwondo student
LikesHis iron ball, destruction
DislikesCentipedes, days of training (but don't tell Kim!)
HobbiesBashing things
Favorite foodCows roasted whole (he especially likes eating the last leg)
Forte in sportsPing-pong
WeaponIron Ball
Fighting stylePower striking + some Taekwondo

In this Korean name, the family name is Chang.

Chang Koehan (Hangul: 장거한, Hanja: 張巨漢, Japanese: チャン・コーハン Chan Kōhan), is one of the recurring members of the Korean Team in The King of Fighters series. In Korean, Koehan means giant man, although the more common and generic term for a giant is Guh-in (Korean: 거인). He is one of the many characters in the series to fight with a weapon, a ball and chain. He also appears as a playable character in Capcom vs SNK 2, using Choi Bounge as his unplayable partner.


He was once a feared and violent criminal in Korea. He was spotted by Kim Kaphwan from a prison's surveillance footage and he wanted to use Chang's strength "for justice". Though Chang easily broke out of prison, he was caught by Kim and forced to undergo Kim's "Rehabilitation project" in KOF. During this time, he befriends a fellow convict who was also caught by Kim, Choi Bounge. Together, they initially schemed for ways of escape but they eventually mellow out and enjoy their companions' company — with protests saying otherwise.

Because both him and Choi convinced Kim to join the Fatal Fury Team in The King of Fighters XI, they appear in the Fatal Fury Team's ending celebrating with them at the Pao Pao Cafe. Since they have been deemed "rehabilitated" by their original master, Chang and his smaller companion realize that Kim is on the look out for more villains to reshape and worry for the new victims' future.


Once full of brutality, Chang Koehan now is a very lethargic and rather silly man thanks to Kim's "Rehabilitation Project".


  • Superhuman strength - Chang has strength and endurance far in excess of the average person.

Fighting StyleEdit

Chang fights mainly with his steel ball and his body weight. But, Kim's training in Taekwondo are working, since a man with that weight is now capable of performing the Hienzan move (although not perfectly).


  • Yuu - The King of Fighters '94
  • Ryo - The King of Fighters '95
  • Seoul Road - The King of Fighters '96
  • Seoul Town - The King of Fighters '98
  • The Way to Rebirth - The King of Fighters '99
  • Wild Party - The King of Fighters 2000, EX, EX2
  • Nerichagi - The King of Fighters 2001
  • Progress - The King of Fighters 2002
  • Seoul Love - The King of Fighters 2003
  • WA - The King of Fighters XIV
  • Seoul Road -KOF XIV ver.- - The King of Fighters XIV (as Kim's opponent, shared with Choi Bounge)
  • Seoul Town ~Ver. Justice~ - The King of Fighters 2002 Unlimited Match

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  • Metal Slug Defense (Unlockable)
  • Crash Fever
  • The King of Fighters Destiny
  • The King of Fighters World
  • The King of Fighters All Star

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  • Chang's current outfit has the phrase "South Town Jail Breaker" written on its back, the "Breaker" being written in a similar font to Breaker's Revenge.


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