Samurai Shodown Sen artwork by Senri Kita
Full nameCharlotte Christine de Colde
BirthdateFebruary 4, 1761
BirthplaceRoyal Standard of the King of France.svg Paris, France
Height182 cm (6'0")
Weight50 kg (110 lbs)
Blood typeB
Family/RelativesSerge (father), Josephine (mother), Caldan (younger brother), Pierre (pet pigeon)
Job/OccupationWandering noble
LikesCrimson roses
Favorite foodFruits
Forte in sportsFencing, Fox hunting
Special skillSinging opera
Most unpleasant"I'm unintentionally condescending."
Favorite musicMozart (Meehar)
Measurements (bust, waist, hip)85 cm - 57 cm - 90 cm
WeaponLa Roche (an épée)
Fighting styleNone; probably her own style of fencing
Charlotte Christine de Colde (シャルロット=クリスティーヌ=ド=コルデ, Sharurotto Kurisutīnu do Korude), better known as Charlotte, is a recurring character of the Samurai Shodown series, who was introduced in Samurai Shodown. She was dropped from the series after Samurai Shodown II but, like Tam Tam and Jubei Yagyu, she returns in Samurai Shodown IV. Her physical design is based on Oscar François de Jarjayes from the manga The Rose of Versailles; her name is actually a distortion of the Japanese phonetic interpretation of Charlotte Corday.


She is a minor French noble who prefers the company of commoners. Whilst on her travels through the French countryside, she caught word of a "series of calamities" with no natural pretenses. She leaves her home to investigate and ends up traveling to Japan in order to do battle with Amakusa who is the source of the evil plaguing her home country. Afterwards, she returns home to take part in the French Revolution. In Samurai Shodown II, she finds Ambrosia to be the further source of the malice occurring around the world and journeys again to defeat the deity. At this time, she admired Haohmaru greatly but ends her affections when she sees his lover, Oshizu. She returns to Japan for similar reasons in her other appearances.

In Sen, she learns that someone powerful is supporting the royalist faction. Charlotte, a loyal member of the civil army, decides to inspect the source in Japan. After she left the care of the reformation to her comrades, she attended a bull fighting event while traveling through Europe. By this time, one of Golba's assassins had caught up with her, attempting to take her life. Her actions spark the interest of the torero Kirian.


She is a proud woman, perceived to be a bit manly from those of her home country as she talks in the same manner as a soldier. Though harsh and boastful during fights, Charlotte is a gentle and generous wanderer who truly loves her countrymen. She generally avoids womanly attire though she will dress in it if the occasion calls for it.


  • Multiple Attacks - Charlotte can deliver several slashes at once.
  • Energy Projectile - Charlotte can fire a triangular projectile of energy.
  • Sense - Charlotte can sense the presence of people nearby.
  • Energy Attacks - Charlotte can put energy in her blade.

Fighting StyleEdit

Common with most fencers, most of her slashing attacks revolve around stabbing from a distance, avoiding body contact as much as possible. Her most powerful strike is a three-point slash, forming a triangle when completely drawn. Her standing kicks hop her across a short distance and is capable of avoiding some low ground attacks. When first introduced, her move set only consisted of Splash Front -a button mashing move which traveled her forward- and Power Gradation - a perfectly vertical anti-air attack. Her next appearance in Samurai Shodown II granted her access to Tri-Slash, a chargable projectile.


  • Foreign Woman - Samurai Shodown
  • Foreign Woman - Continued - Samurai Shodown II
  • Foreign Woman - Original - Shinsetsu Samurai Spirits Bushidō Retsuden
  • Continuation of the Woman From Far Away - Samurai Shodown IV

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Game AppearancesEdit

Mobile AppearancesEdit

  • Samurai Spirits - Makai Rineki
  • The SAMURAI Kingdom
  • SNK High School Collection
  • Kimi wa Hero
  • Samurai Shodown Tenkadaiichi Kenkakuden

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  • Her nickname with the development team for SS II is "Charuko" (シャル子).
  • Her first crush was an educated man who was excellent in his studies as well as his fencing skills. After she shared a dance with him at Versailles Place in her teenage years, he succumbed to illness and died.


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