Orochi Chris

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In BattleEdit

Japanese English Translation
Yada na...tsuyo so! Oh look strong!
Deteoi de, boku no honoo! (*) Come to me, my flames! (*)
Sa; tanoshi mo, boku no Honō!! (*) C'mon; let's have some fun, my flames! (*)
Sa, mitegoran boku no honoo! (*) Hey, everyone see my flames! (*)
Sherumi! Shermie!
Ue da yo! I'm above you!
Ue desu! Up here!
Ue kamo! Maybe the top!
Shita de yo! I'm below you!
Shita desu! Down here!
Shita ka na? Is it the bottom?
Ushiro desu! Behind you!
Torimashi ta! I've got you!
Honki dashimasu ne! I'll show you everything I have!
Mou ii? Is it good?
Enryonaku, ikimasu! I'm coming, but without any mercy for you!
Kawaru yo! I'm transforming!
Sanagi wo yaburi, chou wa mau... (*) From it's cocoon, the butterfly flutters away... (*)
Honoo! (*) Fire! (*)
Hai; shinde kudasai! (*) Yes; please die! (*)
Sa, yakitsukuso ne! (*) Okay, let's burn it all! (*)
Konya, nani tsukuro ka na? Oh boy, I wonder what I should make for dinner tonight?
Izure, mina shinundesu yo! (*) In time, everyone will die! (*)
Hai ni shite ageru yo! (*) I'll turn you into ashes! (*)
Doushi te sonna koto suru ka na? Why would you do something like that?
Ashita mo hareruka na? I wonder if it will be sunny again tomorrow?
Omoshiro katta? Was this fun?
Tanoshikatta desu; hai! Yes; that was fun!
Mushikera ni shite wa yoku ganbatta na! (*) You did well for scum! (*)
Sa, mitegoran haisha no sugata da yo! (*) Hey, take a look at this loser! (*)
Chikyu daisuki, jinrui kirai. (*) Love the earth, hate the humans. (*)
Oh...h, hikari ga... Oh...the light...

(*) As Orochi Chris

The King of Fighters '98Edit

Special IntrosEdit

  • "YASHIRO!" (Chris/Orochi Chris vs. Yashiro/Orochi Yashiro)
  • "SHERMIE!" (Chris/Orochi Chris vs. Shermie/Orochi Shermie)

Win QuoteEdit

  • "You make me laugh, chump. And laugh. And laugh. And laugh."

The King of Fighters 2002Edit

Win QuotesEdit

  • "That was a gas! Ten-hut, loser!" (Win as Chris)
  • If you want an omelet.. Ya gotta break some heads! (Chris, hold B)
  • Forgive me.. I tried to be gentle.. (Chris, hold C)
  • "Hmm. Have you got a little chubby there, Shermie?" (Chris vs. Shermie)
  • "You did well for scum. (Win as Orochi Chris)
  • All is nothing. (Win as Orochi Chris, Hold B)
  • No matter how you try. Scum can only be scum. (Win as Orochi Chris, Hold C)
  • "Stop my power, can you? You poor Simple Simon..." (Orochi Chris vs. Leona)
  • "That's the Orochi power? I wouldn't brag about it!" (Orochi Chris vs. Omega Rugal)

KOF: Sky StageEdit

Pre-Battle DialoguesEdit

Iori Yagami

Chris: "Wow! Making it this far without bending to the will of the Orochi blood... I'm impressed, Iori!"
Iori: "You... Gngh... Are you the last?"
Chris: "Haha! You don't look too good! Make it easier on yourself. Just give in to the Orochi blood. It'll make you stronger. Strong enough to destroy Kyo."
Iori: "I don't need the help of this accursed blood to destroy him... I only need my own two hands!!!"
Chris: "Sounds like your mind's made up. It won't matter, you know. It'll all be over with the rise of the Orochi. Shame you won't be around to see it. Cuz after my flames are done with you, you'll be nothing but ashes!"
Iori: "Whelp... Your flames haven't got a hope against mine!"

Kula Diamond

Kula: "Are you the last one? Let everyone go!"
Chris: "Ooh, a human weapon! And you're worried about your friends? Or were you just programmed to worry?"
Kula: "I'm not a weapon! I'm here to help everyone."
Chris: "What do you call something manufactured with special fighting powers then, if not a weapon?"
Kula: "Seirah said that if I have a will of my own, then I'm human. So Kula is a human, not a weapon."
Chris: "Hmph. No you're a horrible weapon made by horrible humans. I don't like you one bit."
Kula: "You've been mean about Kula and everyone and you've made fire, too! I don't like you!"
Chris: "Do you really think ice can beat fire? Ah ha ha! Not very bright! But you'll learn soon enough!"