Cosplayer Kyoko in The King of Fighters 2000.

Cosplayer Kyoko (コスプレイヤー京子, Kosupureyā Kyoko) is a character in The King of Fighters series of fighting games. She was first introduced in The King of Fighters 2000 as Shingo Yabuki's another striker. She is SNK's allusion to female fans who frequently cosplay as Kyo in their events. She is voiced by Haruna Ikezawa.


Kyoko is a young girl and fan of Kyo Kusanagi. She cosplays him and tries to copy his moves.


She is an outgoing girl with high hopes of meeting her idol, Kyo.

Fighting StyleEdit

She mimics Kyo's fighting style. Her striker action is the 75 Shiki: Kai.

Game AppearancesEdit

Cameo AppearancesEdit

Similar CharactersEdit


Cosplayerkyoko2000 Kyomb

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