Cyber Woo
Cyber Woo in Neo Geo Battle Coliseum. Illustration by Ogura
Full nameCyber Woo
BirthdateNovember 11 (NGBC)
BirthplaceReconstructed in Japan; in Makishima laboratory (NGBC)
Height90 meters; 260 cm (8'6", NGBC)
Weight180,000 tons; 2 tons (NGBC)
WeaponWhatever buildings, ships, and other large objects it picks up (KOM), A variety of weapons inside its body (NGBC)
Cyber Woo (サイバー・ウー) is a character from SNK Playmore's fighting/wrestling game series King of the Monsters. He is the successor to Woo of the first King of Monsters game.


King of the Monsters 2Edit

Initially, Woo was one of the monsters who arose in 1996 to help Japan fight off rogue monsters. The monster gorilla was defeated and nearly killed in battle. Dying, the Japanese government took Woo's brain and implanted in a giant cybernetic monkey body. Known as Cyber Woo, he discovered that he was nothing more than a living weapon for the sake of world conquest. Cyber Woo destroyed the lab he was kept in and escaped when he found out he'd been used for evil purposes. He protected the world from Famardy and his aliens who sought world conquest.

Neo Geo Battle ColiseumEdit

In Neo Geo Battle Coliseum, the Cyber Woo is a robot developed by Makishima Industries, a Neo-Japanese company that entered the tournament controlled by a tomboyish girl named Yuzu Makishima to test its might.


In King of the Monsters, Cyber Woo is savage but acts with some sense of right and wrong. In Neo Geo Battle Coliseum, Cyber Woo is being controlled by Yuzu, so he may not have a personality.


  • Rocket arms: Cyber Woo shoots away his 2 arms
  • Transformation: Cyber Woo can transform into a giant gatling gun.
  • Woocopter:Cyber Woo splits himself into 2 pieces,his head and arms work as a helicopter that punches everything in his way

Fighting StyleEdit

Cyber Woo fights using his mechanized body and weapons. He can separate his body from his torso and attack with his upper torso and his legs. He fires energy beams and rockets at the opponent.

Game AppearancesEdit




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