Dance de Peace! is an image song for a group of characters from the Fatal Fury series, dubbed as the "Garou Densetsu All Stars". The group includes Terry Bogard, Mai Shiranui, Blue Mary, Ryuji Yamazaki, Duck King and Li Xiangfei. The song's melody is a fast hip-hop rap that has rhyming lyrics. Duck King will call out a character's name at random times to make them shout something. Yamazaki is the only character who doesn't sing; he actually yells at the singers for not including him in the song after they're done. The song can be heard here.

A toned down version of this song is sometimes played for live performances.

Dance de Peace!
Japanese lyrics


Yo! Ho! Everybody yaho kibun wo warao

What's out yokan ashita no koto ni kinite to

So Get Down Everybody

kokoro mo karada wo ugokokusu wo Happy

Come on Check this out

Oira wo makase o Dance de Peace~!


Hey come on! OK! Suki no koto ga

choun choun Let's party

Blue sky hiroi sekai yukai genkai oma hirokai

Zero kara guzen bushinke shoubu bun de daijoubu

bun bun wo tobaze Big Heart

Good Chance omotara ginko mayoutara

One-two Step Step!


Hi Baby matte de kanji wakatteru

Daki saikyo soyo shinkyu shinjite yoyo My mind

Kotoba janai demo bei demo janai

Cool Heart irarenai

Mune de Bakyun saijo kyuu

Atskunareru Dance de Kiss

[Yamazaki interlude]


Ne chotto kochi ite ne

Nomi ne kuine odori ne

Dokodo opanki nandemo Lucky

Genki de tiki Abanai na doki doki

Yodomo hyahomono onageta chanto naka horitatene

Atashi wa hatashite? Mai-chan?

Chitegamo wa NO NO NO NO


Hai Mai-chan desu! Minna odoteru? (Yeah!)

Yo pikai kunoichi nipon ichi

Itsukara hajimete koi no michi

Kuyokuyo shitedemo zenzen dame

Otome wa egao hatazo wo hame

Yabari Dance Kono suki koso Dance

Sense wo hirogete hai hai hai

Shake your Body Wake up! X3

Let's Party up!

Shake shake dance de peace!

English translation


Yo! Ho! Everybody, laugh and feel good

What's out? Don't worry about the scary tomorrow

So Get Down Everybody

Move your body and heart'll be happy

Come on Check this out

Leave it to me Dance and Peace~!


Hey come on! OK! Do you want

and jam down Let's party

Blue sky, a wide world, get happy to the limit until you're bright red

The world will be okay when you get it ready for a fair fight

with a humming flying Big Heart

Good Chance, If you think you've lost the beat,

One-two Step Step!


Hi, Baby! Feels like I've been waiting. You understand?

My mind's got this big great feeling every night

It's not in words or in English

I don't need a cool Heart

Shooting it off my chest feels the best

and gets me hot Dance and Kiss

[Yamazaki interlude]


Hey, stay here for a second

Drink, eat, and dance

Sit anywhere; you're ever so lucky

Get your energy; Look out! =thump thump=

Hey you leechers, if you're hungry just pay up!

"Could I be, Mai-chan?"

No, you're wrong! No, no, no, no!


Hi, Mai-chan here! Everyone dancing? (Yeah!)

Yo, the shining best kunoichi in Japan

Somehow found herself on the path to her first love

Even if I mope, it'll be no good

A maiden should charm him with her smile

I think I should Dance; take this chance to Dance

Open your senses Yeah, yeah, yeah!

Shake your Body Wake up! X3

Let's Party up!

Shake shake dance and peace!


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