Dark Ran
Dark Ran and Dark Rabicat in Twinkle Star Sprites.
Full nameDark Ran
BirthdateFebruary 20 (looks 10 years old)
Job/OccupationMevious' guard
LikesLord Mevious
DislikesMevious' other minions
WeaponDark Magic Broom, Dark Magic Joystick, Dark Rabicat

Dark Ran (ダークラン) is a character in Twinkle Star Sprites.


A dark counterpart to Load Ran who was created by Mevious' bodyguards. She was made to be Ran's superior and stands as the guard of Mevious' castle. Her wish for the Twinkle Star is to change the title so that she is the star of the game.

In the second game Mevious has been "stripped" from his powers, suffering from great pain every time he tries to use them and Dark Ran stays with him helping him fulfill his sentence of 100 years of community service. Dark Ran is still loyal to Mevious even though the rest of his army has deserted him and scorned him after he could no longer rule them. Dark Ran's desire to the Twinkle Star is to restore Mevious to his former almighty self.

In Dark's Ran ending Mevious is touched that Ran didn't wanted anything for herself but instead asked something for Mevious, he wonders if he can do something for her to pay her back and then Dark Ran notices that she and Dark Rabicat have no name of their own; Mevious then discusses names to give them, however Dark Rabicat doesn't fail to mention that most of the proposed names are simply ridiculous.


She acts the opposite of Ran: haughty, vain, and nihilistic.


  • Flight - Dark Ran can fly with the aid of her magic broom.
  • Energy Magic - Dark Ran can fire energy blasts.
  • Dark Rabicat - Under certain conditions, Dark Ran can send explosive versions of her sidekick to her opponents. She can even summon a giant mechanical version of him to attack.


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