Demon Gaoh
Demon gaoh
Demon Gaoh in Samurai Shodown VI
Full nameMakai wo Suberubeshi Gaoh
BirthdateAugust 15, 1748
BirthplaceJapan, Hinowa-guni (日輪国, Hinowaguni)
HeightNot mentioned
WeightNot mentioned
Blood typeA
Job/OccupationLord of the underworld, Daimyo (lord) of Hinowa
LikesTrue stoutness
DislikesPeople who cause trouble for royalty
Special skillConducting strategies for the living and demon world
Most unpleasantSolitude
WeaponDemon Cross & The Seal of the Four Laws (鬼十字・四法印), a jumonji spear
Fighting styleThe Shinto Path of Kyogoku-in Hinowa (兇國院日輪神道流, Kyogokuin Hinowa Shintoryu)

Gaoh, Oppressor of the Demon World (魔界を統べし我旺 Makai wo Suberubeshi Gaō), also known as Demon Gaoh, is a character in Samurai Shodown VI. He acts as the last boss in the game.

He is voiced by Akio Ōtsuka.


He is a version of Gaoh abusing the "Dark Emperor" spirit inside of him. He uses the entities' power as his own and efficiently tames the underworld. Although he did it to protect this world from demons, he essentially becomes one himself.


Ruthless and unforgiving, he crushes his opponents with no remorse.


  • Multiple Attacks - Demon Gaoh can rush forward with barrage of spear thrusts
  • Fiery Wave - Demon Gaoh can sweep ground with spear, summoning mult-hitting wall of flame
  • Fiery Headbutt - Demon Gaoh can grab opponent and headbutt him for high damage. Cross-shaped scar on his forehead shines during this and opponent gets burnt.
  • Teleportation - He can warp to other location in an instant.
  • Kuraki Sumeragi Control - Demon Gaoh has full control over Kuraki Sumeragi entity, and can summon it at will.
    • Kuraki Sumeragi Mount - Demon Gaoh can force Kuraki Sumeragi to form a horse out of its armor pieces and ghostly green flame. He then mounts it for a riding attack that fills whole screen. When Demon Gaoh uses this attack in Samurai Shodown VI, the attack is highly reminiscent of M. Bison's Final Psycho Crusher as it is utterly damaging and because Demon Gaoh has his own fighting system (0) that shatters the victim's weapons upon hitting, based on Samurai Shodown II.

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