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Here is a list of quotes for Diana. Aside from the pachinko game, these quotes usually occur when she is with Kula.

In BattleEdit

Diana's Quotes
Japanese English translation Occurs when/during
Itsumo dori ne. / Itsumo dori suru baii no yo. The same as always, all right? Kula intro
Honto shiranai ne. You really don't know anything. During Freeze Execution
Iiko da. Good girl. When Kula wins and Diana hugs her

The King of Fighters 2000Edit

Diana's Quotes
Japanese English translation Occurs when/during
Hisashiburi ne. Genki ni shite ta? It's been awhile. Have you been well? Kula's intro against K'
Kono ko hitori de jubun yo! This girl is more than enough for you! Kula's intro against Zero

The King of Fighters 2001Edit

In this game, she also appears in Foxy's demos.

Diana's Quotes
Japanese English translation Occurs when/during
Yabo no tame ni! For ambition! Kula's intro against K' / Angel (with Foxy)
Ushi wa dori ne. Do it according to the plan. Kula's intro against Foxy
Yaru ne. Good job. Kula wins against Foxy
Sonna ja ue ni kawari ni natte nai wa yo. You won't get to the top if you aren't going to change. Kula's intro against K9999
Onna wa ikirareru no ka? Would a woman be able to survive? During Foxy's winquote

The King of Fighters 2002Edit

Diana's Quotes
Japanese English translation Occurs when/during
Itsumo dori jubun yo Your usual training is more than enough. Kula's intro
Chou no youni mai, hachi no youni sasu! Dance like a butterfly, sting like a bee! During Kula's Freeze Completion
Boku-chan de wa ano ko ni katenai wa yo. This little boy can't win against this girl. Kula's intro against K'

The King of Fighters XIEdit

The King of Fighters 2002 Unlimited MatchEdit

The King of Fighters 2Edit

In BattleEdit

Diana's Quotes
Japanese English translation Occurs when/during
Irashaii. Come then. Face off (normal)
Ama-chan da ne. What a child. Face off (normal)
Oshiyokina tsutsuyo ne! You need to be punished! Face off (climax)
Muda yo. It's futile. Setting up a guard
Konna mono~~! Something like this won't get me~~! While guarding
Dame! No! Getting hit
Baka na! Impossible! No Guard
Sore ga doushita no? Was that supposed to do something? Max health / after Guard
Ya... yaru wa ne... N... Not bad... Medium health
Konna koto de! Not like this! Low health
Iku yo! Here I come! Before a normal punch.
Konna no wa dou? How is this for you? Before Angel Butterfly
Angel Butterfly! Performing the move
Misete ageru wa. Ogun kara cho no hikari yo! I shall show you. A butterfly's light from war! Before Desolation
Desolation! Performing the move
Cho no you na ochi no you ni! Kesatsu! Drop like a butterfly! Eliminate him! During Desolation
Boku-chan de wa, kono teito kashira ne... So this is the best our little boy can do... Diana wins
Dame~~!! No~~!! Losing to K' / Blasted by the Zero Cannon
Tattoe... watashi wa taoreru demo... keshite... NESTS wa... hiroga... nai! Even if I am defeated, NESTS will never fall! K' wins

Other ScenesEdit

  • "Boya-tachi, oitawa soko made yo!" - "This is the end for all of you!" (meeting before versus)

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