Dive alert

Cover image for the Matt Chapter.

Dive Alert is the title to two handheld simulation role-playing games made for the Neo Geo Pocket Color by the company Sacnoth. The story is divided into individual ports, which focuses on one of the two protagonists in the story. These titles include the subtitle Matt's Version and Becky's Version to distinguish themselves from one another. Each game has it subtle differences though they are largely played in the same manner. Both versions were first available in Japan on August 19, 1999 and later was localized in America on April 16, 2000.


Depending on the version, the player takes control of a character named Matt or Becky (known in Japanese as Burn and Rebbecca respectively). The game is set in the future and the world is primarily surrounded by water. There is a small patch of land called Terra. Terra is the only land. The player must prove their worth to be accepted on to Terra. They do this by proving their skill as a submarine commander and destroying enemy vessels.


The battles take place against other submarine ships. A radar view is used to help you guide torpedoes against the enemy. Two players can link-up with the cable to battle and exchange ships.

A large part of the game is text based with animated cutscenes.

Since each version has different characters, items and boats than the other, the player may need to also play the accompanying title to entirely experience the game.

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