Doki Doki Akazukin: The Love Game of Earnest Wolf (ドキドキあかずきん) is a Japan-only pachinko-slot machine made and released by SNK Playmore in July 2007. As the name suggests, the game is a spin of the fairy tale, Little Red Riding Hood. It was announced the same time as The King of Fighters 2 and Samurai Spirits Gaiden: Cham Cham. The official site can be seen here.


A romantic comedy about a wolf falling in love with little red. Roy (the wolf) has to overcome various obstacles to woo the object of his affections. He hopes to wine and dine with her at the local dating spot, Cafe Heavens, as many times as he can.


  • Roy - the protagonist; local punk who has fallen hard for Mary. He is often accused of crimes that he may or may not have committed.
  • Mary - the heroine; a cute blond girl who wears a red hood. She is unaware of Roy and Mitchie's love for her.
  • Mitchie - a blue haired rival of Roy; he is also infatuated with Mary and continually abuses his wealth to attract her eye.
  • Rick - a bulldog who acts as the local policeman. He is serious about his job and frequently targets Roy for arrest.
  • Cafe Heavens Staff - always smiling and ready to serve anyone who enters their place. They seem to cheer for Roy's success.
  • Ryo - a young wolf who acts as Cafe Heavens' janitor; Rick often mistakes Roy's activities for his crimes.
  • Reina - the roulette character; a mysterious black haired lady who seems to foretell the future.
  • Mrs. Miyamoto - the "Cherry" icon character; a middle aged pig who has a fondness for daikon.
  • Erika - the "Orange" icon character; a beautiful women who roams the city. She claims that she gained her beauty thanks to her constant intake of orange juice.
  • Mr. Takigawa - the "Replay" character; a refined socialite who is courteous to all he meets.


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