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Dr. Makishima in one of the series' mahuas.

Dr. Makishima (巻島 博士, Makishima Hakasei) is an unseen character in The King of Fighters series. Although Dr. Makishima was portrayed as a young female scientist for one of the series's manhua, he is really an old and "shriveled" man.


Dr. Makishima is the man responsible for transforming Maxima into a cyborg and creating the Kyo Kusanagi clones. In The King of Fighters: Another Day, K' and Maxima were searching for the doctor so they can find the last Kyo clone and destroy him. In KOF: Maximum Impact 2, he is one of the scientists kidnapped by Addes. He is needed to repair Maxima's failing nuclear core — otherwise known as his heart.

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