Dragon's Heaven is an incomplete and cancelled fighting game for the Neo-Geo. The game was being developed by Kengo Asai, who had previously worked on Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer and The Last Blade.

Development History and RediscoveryEdit

The game started development around 1995. During this time, the game was tentatively named DarkSeed, but since the developers were unable to get the trademark (due to there already existing a game by the same title) they changed the game's title to Dragon's Heaven. Because of funding issues, the game's development got ceased two times before the eventual cancellation.

The game's existence was found out in 2016, when a user of the forums and collector who goes by NeoTurfMasta bought a Neo-Geo test board on an auction and after fiddling with it discovered the game's early build within said board.


Dragon's Heaven used a dark fantasy theme, with 10 selectable characters. It would also feature a two-character tag system.

The game was going to feature a Alignment system: by making decisions after each match, the character would change his moral alignment between Lawful, Neutral or Chaotic, which would not only affect the character's ending but also the gameplay. Each stage would be set at a different time of day, and the character's alignment would affect his strength depending of which time of the day the fight is set.

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