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Eifflelyte is the second boss character in King of the Monsters 2. He is a humanoid beast who has an alien blob attached to his head, and grew gigantic. He is muscular and can stretch his body parts.


  • Drain health - Eiffelyte has the ability to drain life from his opponents.
  • Petrification - Eiffelyte can temporarily turn his opponents with a green blast.

Fighting StyleEdit

Eifflelyte can perform a cross-body where he tries to knock down other monsters. He uses his extendable, rubber-like limbs to attack opponents. Once he is defeated, the human host will explode, and the alien blob remains and floats around on screen. The blob attacks by latching onto a monster's head and drain their health. If a monster comes into close contact with an alien blob, they are immediately zapped and they lose some of their health.

Players can throw the Eiffel Tower at Eifflelyte to do some extra damage.

Game AppearancesEdit

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