Eikichi Kawasaki

Kawasaki circa 1978

Eikichi Kawasaki (川崎 英吉, Kawasaki Eikichi, born sometime in 1944) is a Japanese game director, producer, planner, video game designer, founder of the original SNK. He stayed with the company until its bankruptcy, creating the Playmore group to compensate. After he won several lawsuits from SNK's former partner, Aruze, Kawasaki resurrected the company to the SNK Playmore. He is currently retired. He is sometimes credited as "E. Kawasaki".

He has an in-game reference in the Ikari Warriors ending as "General Kawasaki". He is abnormally larger than the other characters in the game, dons a military outfit, and a black eye patch. He is visually similar to Heidern.

SNK WorksEdit

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