Eisuke ogura

Eisuke Ogura (おぐら えいすけ, Ogura Eisuke), also credited as "Ogura Eiichi" or "Ogura", is a graphic designer and illustrator hired by SNK in 1996 and continued to work for the team in Brezasoft and SNK-Playmore. He is best known for being the main character illustrator for Neo Geo Battle Coliseum and the Fatal Fury 15th anniversary special Garou Densetsu ~ Memories of Stray Wolves.

His art uses a variety of neutral gray tones and colors to create a bold contrast with the composition's negative space. He uses countless amounts of brush strokes -noticeably more than his colleagues- to accomplish one piece; magnified images of his work will reveal this to the viewer. He also critiques Hiroaki on his work, particularly on his efforts for detail and coloring.

SNK WorkEdit



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