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This is a move list for Elisabeth Blanctorche.


The King of Fighters XIEdit


Manier - ← or → + C/D

Elisabeth grabs her opponent and uses her whip to throw him/her away.

Command Attacks

Feiderite - → + A

Elisabeth slaps her opponent.

Fierra - → + B

Elisabeth bashes her whip forward.

Special Moves

Etancher - ↓↘→ + P

A short ranged light projectile that hit 3 to 5 times, depending on the button used.

Coup de Vent - →↓↘ + P

Elisabeth dashes forward and delivers an uppercut that sends her opponent upwards for another hit.

Platinum Mirage - ←↙↓ + K

Elisabeth moves her hand surrounded by light in front of the opponent. If the opponent tries to hit her, she will teleport two sprites forward or right behind the opponent, depending on which button was pressed.

Desperation Moves

Ciel Etoile - →↘↓↙← →↘↓↙← + P

Must be executed near the opponent. She grabs the opponent and covers them with her light powers, throwing them away in the process.

Grand Rafale - ↓↘→↘↓↙← + P

Elisabeth executes a Coup de Veine and sends her opponent upwards, then she creates a beam of light that surrounds the opponent in the air, and she jumps hitting her opponent with her whip.

Leader Desperation Move

Noble Blanc - ↓↘→↓↘→ + E

Elisabeth covers almost the entire screen with her light, hitting the enemy 34 times.

The King of Fighters XIIEdit


Touche - ← or → + AC

Special Moves

Etincelles - ↓↘→ + P
Reverie-souhaiter - ↓↘→ + K
Reverie-prier - ←↙↓ + K
Reverie-geler - BD
Mistral - →↘↓↙← → + P

Desperation Moves

Noble-Blanche - ↓↘→↓↘→ + P

The King of Fighters XIIIEdit


Touche - ← or → + C/D

Special Moves

Etincelles - ↓↘→ + P
Reverie-souhaiter - ↓↘→ + K
Reverie-prier - ←↙↓ + K
Reverie-geler - ←↙↓ + P
Mistral - →↘↓↙← → + P
Coup De Vent - →↓↘ + P

Desperation Moves

Noble Blanc - ↓↘→↓↘→ + P
Elisabeth extends her arm forward and produces a large stationary luminous orb which deals multiple hits if opponent is close enough.
EX version makes the orb move forward.
Grand Rafale - ↓↘→↘↓↙← + P

Neo Max

Étoile Filante - D,C,B,A

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