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Garou Densetsu ~ Last Resort
Garou Densetsu Last Resort
GameFatal Fury: King of Fighters, Last Resort
ReleasedMay 21, 1992

Garou Densetsu ~ Last Resort is the name of the album released by SNK containing music from the games Fatal Fury: King of Fighters and Last Resort. The album was produced by SNK Sound Team and released in 1992. Tracks 01 to 16 are from Fatal Fury, while tracks 17 to 25 are from Last Resort.

Track ListingEdit

  1. Garou Densetsu Title (Neo-Geo ~ MVS) ~ Player Select ~ FIGHT! (Garou Densetsu begins)
  2. Duck King's Theme
  3. Richard Meyer's Theme
  4. Michael Max's Theme
  5. Tung Fu Rue's Theme
  6. Taisen Result ~ Midway Demo
  7. Hwa Jai's Theme
  8. Raiden's Theme
  9. Bonus Game Start ~ Bonus Game Main BGM ~ Bonus Game Victory ~ Bonus Game Defeat
  10. Billy Kane's Theme
  11. Geese's Subordinates Demo ~ Geese Appearance Demo
  12. Geese Howard's Theme
  13. 2P Taisen BGM
  14. Victory Demo
  15. Ending
  16. Continue ~ Game Over ~ Taisen Result Sheet Display
  17. Jack to the Metro (Last Resort Arrange Version)
  18. Last Resort Title (Last Resort Original Version begins)
  19. Jack to the Metro [STAGE 1] ~ Vice [BOSS 1] ~ Stage Clear
  20. The Ruins of Metro [STAGE 2] ~ Tyrannical [BOSS 2]
  21. Sonar [STAGE 3] ~ Cold Machine [BOSS 3]
  22. The Melting Point [STAGE 4] ~ Dusky [BOSS 4]
  23. Don't Touch Me Baby [STAGE 5-1] ~ Fear [STAGE 5-2] ~ Legend of King [BOSS 5]
  24. The Sunset Sky Part II [LAST STAGE CLEAR ~ ENDING]
  25. CONTINUE ~ GAME OVER ~ Flower Dancing [RANKING]

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