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Fatal Fury 2
US box art
Developer(s)SNK (Neo Geo), Takara, Gabrain (SNES, Mega Drive/Genesis, Game Boy), Hudson Corporation (TurboGrafx-16), Hamster Corporation (Xbox One)
Publisher(s)SNK, Magical Company (Sharp X68000), D4 Entreprise (Wii Virtual Console), Hamster Corporation
Release dateArcade
JP December 10, 1992
NA 1992
EU 1992
Neo Geo
WW March 5, 1993
Super Famicom/SNES
JP November 26, 1993
NA April 1994
PAL 1994
Sharp X68000
JP December 23, 1993
PC Engine CD
JP March 12, 1994
Mega Drive/Genesis
JP June 24, 1994
NA 1994
Game Boy
JP July 29, 1994
Neo-Geo CD
JP September 9, 1994
INT 1995
Wii Virtual Console
JP May 20, 2008
NA June 30, 2008
PAL June 13, 2008
Game modesSingle-player, versus
Platform(s)Arcade, Neo Geo, Neo-Geo CD, TurboGrafx-16, Sega Genesis, SNES, Game Boy, Sharp X68000, PlayStation 2, Wii Virtual Console, Xbox One

Fatal Fury 2 (餓狼伝説2 新たなる闘い, Garō Densetsu Tsū Aratanaru Tatakai, "Legend of the Hungry Wolf 2: The New Battle") is a 1992 fighting game released by SNK for the Neo Geo arcade and home platforms. It is the sequel to Fatal Fury: King of Fighters and the second game in the Fatal Fury franchise.


After Geese Howard's death in the original Fatal Fury, a mysterious nobleman becomes the sponsor of the new "King of Fighters" tournament. This time, the tournament is held worldwide with fighters around the globe competing. As the single player mode progresses, the mysterious challenger begins defeating the participants from the previous Fatal Fury game, searching for the man responsible for defeating Geese.


Fatal Fury 2 was the second game in SNK's 100-Mega Shock series, offering improved graphics and gameplay over the original Fatal Fury. The play controls were modified, this time making full use of the Neo-Geo's four button configuration, by including four attack buttons (two Punch buttons and two Kick buttons). The game expands on the two-lane plane system by giving the player the ability to knock their opponent to the other lane. Additionally some stages have hazards like electrified wires or a stampede of bulls. In addition, each character now has a "desperation attack" which can only be performed when their life meter is low and flashing red.


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  • The Neo Geo commercials tell two mini story arcs, one centering on Terry and the other focusing on the girl in the commercials, Miki Hareyama. Terry's story was mostly involved in action scenes and him journeying. After she meets him and takes an interest in him, Miki follows Terry. When she hears that he would be leaving town, she hurries to see him a final time.

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