Fatal Fury 3: Road to the Final Victory
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Cover for Neo Geo, with Terry Bogard and Franco Bash. Illustration by Shinkiro
Developer(s)SNK, SIMS (Sega Saturn), Kinesoft, NuFX, WizardWords (Microsoft Windows), Hamster Corporation (PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch)
Publisher(s)SNK, D4 Enterprise (Wii Virtual Console), GameBank (Microsoft Windows), Hamster Corporation
Release dateArcade
JP March 27, 1995
NA 1995
Neo Geo
INT April 21, 1995
Neo-Geo CD
JP April 28, 1995
INT 1995
Sega Saturn
JP June 28, 1996
Microsoft Windows
JP September 19, 1996
NA 1998
Wii Virtual Console
JP April 20, 2010
NA October 4, 2010
PAL August 20, 2010
EU September 25, 2009
PlayStation 4 & Xbox One
WW August 31, 2017
Nintendo Switch
WW February 15, 2018
GenreFighting game
Game modesSingle-player, Two Players
Platform(s)Arcade, Neo Geo, Neo-Geo CD, Sega Saturn, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 2, Wii Virtual Console, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

Fatal Fury 3: Road to the Final Victory (餓狼伝説3 遥かなる闘い, Garō Densetsu Surī Harukanaru Tatakai, "Legend of the Hungry Wolf 3: The Distant Battle") was released by SNK in 1995, and arrived on the Neo Geo Systems (MVS, AES and CD), Sega Saturn and PC (Windows).

Instead of the traditional 2 lane system seen in all of the Fatal Fury games until then, Fatal Fury 3 brings a 3 lane system, allowing the players to take different strategies during the fight, but in this new system, the characters are not allowed to jump, or to launch special attacks while in the 2 non-center lanes, also, in this game, when a character loses a fight by being hit by an attack that would knock it to another lane, the character could even be launched to the background (if hit by an attack that knocks to the upper lane), or on the screen (if hit by an attack that knocks to the bottom lane).

Fatal Fury 3 was the first graphic "evolution" in the series, with all new sprites, stages and artworks (some of the sprites were used in Real Bout Fatal Fury)... The soundtrack also was improved, with CD-quality tracks in the Neo Geo CD, Sega Saturn and PC Windows versions. The Sega Saturn version was only released in Japan, and despite the other SNK games on the system, it doesn't require a 1MB RAM cart.

Story Edit

"The Jin Scrolls": artifacts that are said to only be obtained by the strongest fighter. During the B.C. era, these three scrolls were recorded during Qin Shi Huang's reign. Their secrets remain unknown by the common eye. It's been said that these scrolls can only be collected during a time when martial artists repeat the art of combat from times of old. The scrolls are scattered and await for the mightiest warrior to collect them.

Hong Kong. A country where evil thrives and money can change anything. There lies a man in the shadows of his fort.

"South Town?"

"Yes. Our intelligence reported a sighting of one of the scrolls there."

"Indeed, South Town is it? The same town where Geese was in charge. Interesting..."

The man slowly rose to his feet.

"The stage to collect the scrolls is complete. South Town... the tournament that gathers martial artists, The King of Fighters... Now it's just a matter of collecting all three scrolls at once."

On that night, the man left Hong Kong and heads toward South Town. The excitement of battle and the thought of gathering the scrolls made his lips crack a wry smile.

Characters Edit

Fatal Fury 3 had a character roster mostly composed by new characters. The characters are:

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Note: In the Story Mode, the player faces Yamazaki twice, one in his own stage and another in Mai's stage, in a dark version.

  • Sound Beach - Terry: A pier next to the ocean. Can be seen yatchs, seagulls, other pier, vegetation and summer houses, besides Ukee, Terry's monkey and a portable radio. From the 2nd round, a sunset and a night of full moon appears.
  • Howard Arena - Andy: A balcony near to a river. Can be seen typical Asian buildings and vegetation.With the passing of the rounds, the weather begins to close, until raindrops fall in the last round. In addition, the light from the buildings in the background lights up, indicating a rainy night.
  • National Park - Joe: A forest next to a river. Can be seen a dense vegetation, with trees and shrubs. A crocodile, a land turtle, a suit similar with Geese Howard's clothes stlits and stone faces complete the stage. From the 2nd round, the stage shows a sunset.
  • East Side Park - Mai: An aquarium. Can be seen marine life, such as fish, algae, penguins and whales, besides pillars over the stage. From the 2nd round, the water the changes from blue to green-pool. For some moments, the aquarium water begins to bubble.
  • Pioneer Plaza - Mary: The main lounge of a palace. Can be seen statues, chandeliers, flower arrangements, pillars, stained glass and flower designs. In the background there is a crack of sunlight. Others appear from the 2nd round.
  • Port Town - Hon: A complex of factories. The fight takes place on a suspended platform, which rises in the air. Factories, an amusement park, mountains, buildings, especially the Neo Geo Land, and a large river can be seen. From the 2nd round, it's sunset and a helicopter hangs over the fighters.
  • Dream Amusement Park - Sokaku: An abandoned city with an old west climate. Typical houses, a cart and a giant stone can be seen. Some houses have JOY DIVISION and ONE HUNDRED FOOLS signs. From the 2nd round, a sunset appears.
  • Pao Pao Cafe 2 - Bob: The main floor of Richard Meyer's bar, showing berimbau players next to a stone face, plants, the neon sign logo of the bar and people cheering. From the 2nd round, the "mouth" of the face lights up.
  • South Town Airport - Franco: A plataform near the airplanes. Can be seen a truck, boxes and metal structures. From the 2nd round, the stage shows a sunset, through the door in the background.

Gameplay of Mary vs. Hon

  • South Station - Yamazaki: The fight takes next to the train lines. Can be seen a train passing, wagons, metal structures and factories. From the 2nd round, the stage shows a sunset and a night. In the 3rd round, the train passes with more force and near the fighters.
  • Geese Tower - Geese: A new version of the famous stage, showing elements of the Asian and American cultures, such as bonsai and small lakes. From the 2nd round, the stage catches fire, until the flames burn it practically whole.
  • Delta Park - Jin Brothers: Two versions. In the first, a park with elements of Chinese culture. Can be seen dragon statues, vegetation and stones. A beam of light coming from the sky also can be spotted. In the second, the stage catches firw and can be seen skulls and skeletons. From the 2nd round, the fire is blue.

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