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Here is a list of quotes for Gang-il.

The King of Fighters XIVEdit

Pre-Battle DialoguesEdit


Vice: "Another old guy..."
Gang-il: "You. Such bloodlust. You're not a regular human, are you?"
Vice: "Yeah yeah, I'm sick of people asking me that. Shall we go ahead and start? I hate old men."
Gang-il: "Hmph... I guess I can't help it if you're hurrying to lose. Shall we fight?"
Vice: "That attitude of yours really pisses me off!"


Gang-il: "Oh, it's you. You're the one that deceived Kim's students. Such an evil man."
Xanadu: "Fluctuation affects all things. And it's that fluctuation that creates everything."
Gang-il: "Wha... I have absolutely no idea what you're saying."
Xanadu: "You are also a nexus of fluctuation."
Gang-il: "Bothersome guys like you can only be dealt with through Tae Kwon Do!"

Yuri Sakazaki

Gang-Il: "What? Is that you, Yuri? Is Takuma not competing this time around?"
Yuri: "Yep. It seems his body is getting kind of worn out. He's covered in old scars. And he says that operating the store and the dojo is getting to be too much."
Gang-Il: "Ahaha, no doubt. It sounds like age is catching up with Mr. Karate himself."
Yuri: "True, it seems he can't perform like my brother or Robert. But he's still strong. He can't get past me, though!"

Win Quotes Edit

  • "I left you with the strength to stand up and walk away. You should get out of here quickly."
  • "If there's any way you can stop my steady advances, go ahead and try!"
  • "Boy, bodies age from the outside. That's why you polish the inside." (vs Benimaru)
  • "You watched closely to study my techniques! But maybe you should have avoided more of them?" (vs Kim)
  • "A dinosaur? Extremely interesting! But, can you breath fire?" (vs King of Dinosaurs)
  • "I didn't go easy on you, because that's setting a bad example for Kim! That was everything I had!" (vs Luong)
  • "Even I didn't see how you were changing your mask so quickly." (vs Mian)
  • "You've got the legs to support that splendid technique. You and Luong would make a good match". (vs Robert)
  • "If you're going to rely on pure power, you'll need to have more strength than everybody else." (vs Vice)
  • "That was for my little student. I beat you to a pulp, but don't hold a grudge against me!" (vs Xanadu)

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