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Gao Gao
Gao gao
Gao Gao
Full nameGao Gao
BirthdateUnknown, 13 years old when the game takes place
BirthplaceDemon world
WeaponHis army of bats, a golden gun

Gao Gao (ガオガオ) is a character in Twinkle Star Sprites: La Petite Princesse. He is voiced by Mari Yamada.


Gao Gao is a demon who is ordered by their lord to restore their country. He is one of the last demons capable of supporting himself in other worlds so he hopes to make his countrymen proud.


Gao Gao is a confident show off who always screws up in his stunts. He would like to earn the glory his country deserves.


  • Flight - Gao Gao has the natural ability to fly
  • Summon Bats - Gao Gao can summon various bats to fight with him.

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