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In BattleEdit

Garou: Mark of the WolvesEdit

Win QuotesEdit

  • "Don't be such a baby!" (Vs. B. Jenet)
  • "First crush... then destroy!" (Vs. Butt)
  • "Feeling good now, huh?" (Vs. Freeman)
  • "Just how much do you intend to tick off?" (Vs. Himself)
  • "It's more than your face that makes people laugh!" (Vs. Hokutomaru)
  • "You government pawn!" (Vs. Kevin)
  • "Hardly an ability to bear that huge ego of yours!" (Vs. Kim Dong Hwan)
  • "Be happy, you're alive. You pathetic loser!" (Vs. Kim Jae Hoon)
  • "Lose your silly emotions!" (Vs. Rock)
  • "I don't acknowledge champs without ability." (Vs. Terry)
  • "If loss is scary, better take off now!" (Vs. Tizoc)
  • "Don't make me laugh. Whatcha gonna do?" (Vs. Grant (player controlled))
  • "Ah, hopeless. Can you only disappoint me?" (Vs. Kain (player controlled))

Vs. Hotaru FutabaEdit


Hotaru: "...Big Brother? Is it really you?"
Gato: "You're mistaken. I don't know you."
Hotaru: "...You lie... I know it's you. Don't tease me!"
Gato: "Nonsense! Let's begin!"


Hotaru: "You are my brother, huh? That move you made, my brother only can do that!"
Gato: "A coincidence. No more, no less."
Hotaru: "...Very well. But, if... see my brother, tell him this: I will keep on waiting for him."
Gato: "......"

Vs. GrantEdit


Gato: "...That evil presence. You're the organizer, right?"
?: "You sensed my presence... Your victory's no fluke."
Gato: "You got that right. And your presence ends here."
Grant: "I am Grant... The Martyr of Might... Now show me your awesome power... me all you have."


Grant: "Argh. To actually think you beat a demon like me!"
Gato: "Are your jokes over now? If so, hurry up and die."
Grant: "Kainnnnn!"

Vs. Kain R. HeinleinEdit

Pre-Final Battle

?: "To think Grant lost... His power's the real thing. Or maybe?..."
Gato: "So, you're Kain. What're you scheming?"
Kain: "Scheming? Me? It's all perfectly legal."
Gato: "You, legal? That's rich!"
Kain: "Then, you don't sense it? This current society, wasting its valueless days... ...needs to learn how to live more creatively. So I'll set this city free and let the mighty rule!"
Gato: "What bull. Nothing more than survival of the fittest."
Kain: "Hmph. You're so right. And I'll show you the future. Just as you describe it. And I'll show you it now!"


Kain: "Am I beaten?..."
Gato: "You need 10 years more training to beat me, bud."
Kain: "...For sure... You are the victor..."


Kain: "I'm through. Quick! Finish me off, Gato!"
Gato: "That's the spirit. Prepare yourself!"
Mystery Man: "Kyaaaaa hah!"
Gato: "What the...I can't see!"
Mystery Man: "Always the chump!"
Gato: "That voice?...You? It's not possible!"
Kain: "Why did you save me?"
Mystery Man: "Your death'd be a waste. Uh oh! Collapse! Let's amscray, pal!"
Gato: "W-Wait!"
Mystery Man: "Gato! You tyro! You'd better start training if you want to beat me!"
Gato: "Wait! Get back here! Wait for me...Father!"
(Kain's Palace is destroyed)
Gato: "His presence is gone. I sense him no more... ...He's right. I was too trusting. But no more! From now on, no more Mr. Nice Gato! Furthermore... I'm going to make him pay!"

The King of Fighters 2003Edit

Win QuotesEdit

  • "More than skill, you lack guts! You're nothing but scum!"
  • "You won't die. You'll live long with your shame."
  • "Crush your collarbone... and your silly pride, I hope!"
  • "That's it...? What a waste of time."
  • "Lose the pansy face, fool, or I'll smash your nose!" (Vs. Ash)
  • "...Hmph!... Get along, little girlie!" (Vs. High School Girls Team)
  • "You slavish city scum! Scram. Before I stomp you!" (Vs. Shen)
  • "Unskilled half-wit! Begone with you!" (Vs. Shingo)

The King of Fighters XIEdit

Win QuotesEdit

  • "I've crushed your ribs, and your groundless conceit!"
  • "What's this? Vanished already? You can run, but you can't hide!"
  • "With such middling ability, how could you hope to survive here?!"
  • "You sham fighter show-off!"
  • "Wipe that prissy look off your face! Want a mouthful of crushed teeth?" (Vs. Ash)
  • "Get out of here! This is no place for a little girl like you!" (Vs. Hotaru)
  • "You're an out-of-control neophyte! I'd hesitate to call you a real fighter!" (Vs. Iori)
  • "You common cur... You underestimated your own strength!" (Vs. Shen)
  • "You're nothing but a two-bit entertainer. And I've just proven that!" (Vs. Tizoc)

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