GeeseTower KOFAD

Geese Tower looming over a burning South Town.

Geese Tower is a skyscraper and a prominent location in the Fatal Fury, Art of Fighting and The King of Fighters series. Geese Tower was envisioned by Geese Howard, who uses it as his base of operations for Howard Connection to rule South Town. It has appeared in many games, often associated with Geese, his legacy or with his henchmen.


Geese Tower is located on an small island next to the East Island part of South Town, and the only connection it has to the mainland is through South Town Bridge. This privileged location is a reflection of Geese's influence over South Town. If one stands atop Geese Tower, he could gaze all of South Town - a testimony of Geese's reign, who as the self-appointed ruler of the city, wants to have all of his domain under his eyes. The building is several stores tall and is the tallest building in all of South Town. It is officially used as the headquarters for Howard Connection, Geese's company, used as a front for his criminal activities. The building, however, has several other attributes. It does indeed house Howard Connection's licit activities, but it is also the base of operations for Geese's mafia syndicate, with many of his henchmen living and working in the building.


Geese Howard atop Geese Tower gazing at South Town.

Geese Howard is a firm believer of extravagance. He revels in showing his power in many ways, and Geese Tower is one of them. Not only being the tallest building in the city, it also houses many different facilities - all of them as extravagant as extravagant can be. Inside the tower, one can find casinos and lavish hotel rooms. Billy Kane also has a stage for his own inside the tower, which he uses to practice his musical skills. There is also a large meeting room which was the top floor of the building at the time of Art of Fighting 2. Afterwards, the tower was expanded, and new floors were added. These are Geese's personal floors, which he uses to train or to receive his opponents. This area was built using traditional Japanese architecture, and is decorated with rare statues, considered to be collector's items, and with American flags, displaying Geese's personality perfectly. These floors contain many temples and dojos, as well as Geese's personal heliport on the extensive top floor.


Using his extensive resources, Geese Howard decide to build a base of operations for himself. Claiming a small island close to Sound Beach for himself, he set his plans in motion, and soon, Geese Tower was raised. The tower became a symbol of South Town, and it looms over the city as a reminder of Geese's presence. The tower can be seen from several spots in the city, and atop it, Geese has a 180° view of his domain. It was from his office inside the tower that Geese ordered Mr. Big to kidnap Takuma Sakazaki's daughter. In his younger days, Geese hosted the first King of Fighters tournament in order to find powerful men to help him conquer all of South Town. Ryo Sakazaki was the winner of the tournament and received the right to face Geese. The fight took place in Geese's room, atop Geese Tower, where the plans for its expansion were displayed on a monitor on the wall.

GeeseTower AOF2

Geese's room in Art of Fighting 2.

In 1991, another King of Fighters tournament was hosted by Geese. This time, the winner was Terry Bogard, the son of Geese's rival, Jeff Bogard, whom he assassinated. Geese received Terry at a temple in the top of Geese Tower, but was narrowly defeated. Terry's attack was powerful enough to make Geese fall from atop the tower, apparently to his death. Geese did not not die, however, and eventually made his return. When he faced the lonely wolves (Terry, Andy and Joe) again, he used the topmost floor of the tower as his fighting ground of choice. During the fight, a fire broke out and scorched many of his possessions, but Geese himself escaped via helicopter.

The tower was used again the following year, when Geese announced his presence to the public and hosted another King of Fighters tournament, expecting Terry to win and face him. Terry faced his mortal enemy atop Geese Tower in one final showdown. Once again, Terry defeats Geese with extreme difficulty, and throws him from the tower. Terry catches hold of his hand, but Geese refuses help from his nemesis and wrenches his arm away from Terry's grasp, laughing while falling to his death.

GeeseTower RBFF

The temple where Geese and Terry had their final showdown.

The Tower has been deactivated since Geese's death, and it is seen in The King of Fighters: Another Day, still looming over South Town. A fire has broken out in South Town, and Rock Howard, Geese's son, rushes to the tower in order to secure a painting of his mother. Here, Billy Kane thwarts an assassination attempt by Lien Neville, but is surprised to see Rock. The two men fight atop the tower, with Rock coming out victorious, thanks to Lien's help.

Game AppearancesEdit


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