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Bakumatsu Roman Gekka no Kenshi Gaiden ~Akari to Nantsu no Ayakashidama~ (幕末浪漫 月華の剣士外伝~あかりと七つの妖珠~), abbreviated as Gekka no Kenshi S, is a pachislot machine centered on Akari Ichijou from The Last Blade series. The official website can be seen here.


Four years after the climax of the second title, Akari's father, Genbo, noticed that the seal over the Hell's Gate had strangely been weakening. Since Akari ran away from home once more, he went with his friendly mononoke friend, Kotetsu, to investigate. When Akari returned sometime later, she learned that her father mysteriously disappeared and that seven demons have ayakashidama from her father. Linking the seven ayakashidama to Genbo's whereabouts, she heads out to collect all seven.


  • Akari Ichijou
  • Juzoh Kanzaki‎
  • Kotetsu - a fox mononoke who is a pet of the Ichijou family. It can transform into a spiritual blade for Akari.
  • Suigetsu - a four hundred year old kappa who can control water. When Akari asks for it, he can morph into a water spear for her use.
  • Enjaku - twin fire spirits who are excitable and talkative beings. They can become twin fire swords for Akari to use.
  • Fuu - a wind using mononoke who is likely a karasu tengu. Innocent and friendly, but likes to play occasional pranks. She can become a wind powered fan for Akari to use.
  • Raigou - a kind lightning powered mononoke who likes to eat. Isn't the brightest character but has a lot of strength. Akari can ask him to become a thunder hammer for her.
  • Ashura - Not to be confused with Asura. A multi-armed mononoke who controls darkness. It doesn't like to talk to others too much and is only concerned with the warrior's life. When Akari asks for it, he can transform to be her darkness inspired tekko for her.
  • Mubou - A one-eyed mononoke who has light powers. Doesn't like to cause conflict and is very peace loving. It can become a shield of light on Akari's command.

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