General Donald Morden
Donald "Devil Rebirth" Morden
Full nameDonald Morden
BirthdateJanuary 24th, 1973
BirthplaceNew Brunswick, Canada
Height192cm (6'4")
Weight113kg (249 lbs)
Blood typeAB
Family/RelativesSon (deceased)
Job/OccupationCommander-in-Chief of the Rebellion Armed forces
LikesFinishing things straight to the end, smoking Cuban cigars before leading off to a battle
DislikesIgnorance, objectivity, people with no ambitions
HobbiesHunting, building wooden cabins
Favorite foodCreamed salmon spaghetti, Old Parr (Scotch whiskey)
Special skillSniping

General Donald Morden (ドナルド・モーデン将軍; Donarudo Mōden Shōgun) is the main antagonist of the Metal Slug franchise with his armies serving as the main source of opposition. He is described as "...the Antichrist..." by the Regular Army High Command. He is depicted as a bumbling madman sharing a resemblance to Saddam Hussein, Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin. He commands the ever loyal Rebellion, and in Metal Slug 4 he was thought to be behind the Amadeus Terror Syndicate.

He apparently mends his ways by the end of Metal Slug 6, as he rescues the player(s) after s/he is knocked off a wall by an explosion caused by the huge enormous alien end boss.


Born as a middle-class Canadian, he graduated as one of the top graduates in his university and signed up as a Marine Corps in the Govement Army. He was then transferred to the Govement Army's intelligence agency and rose to the rank of Vice Admiral. He shows sympathy toward his soldiers, and his troops highly respect him in return. He was also an excellent father.

However, he suffers a terrible breakdown when his son is killed in the Central Park bombing in 2023, during which he loses the ability to use one of his eyes. After his son's death, he learns about how the Regular Army could have prevented the attack and his recent loss were it not for the level of corruption in the government and the military. After a period of relying on alcohol to suppress his sadness and anger, Morden decides to turn his back on the Regular Army. Many of those who were loyal to his command in the Regular Army choose to follow his lead and, together with his most trusted soldier, Allen O'Neil, he starts to lead coups to topple and rid the government and the military of corruption.

His nickname, "Devil Rebirth Morden" (デビルリバース・モーデン; actually "Devil Reborn" in the English translations), was given during the raid against the American President because the silhouette of his figure looked just like the Devil himself.


He was an honorable soldier that would never betray the army, until his son was killed. He has since lost his mind and become corrupted with power.

He is also known to laugh maniacally on occasions upon sighting the player.

Fighting StyleEdit

General Morden is an expert sniper.


  • Morden's Theme - Metal Slug 3D

Game AppearancesEdit


General Morden's card in Card Fighters Clash DS.

Mobile AppearancesEdit

  • SNK Gals Island Senkan Battle Gekichinshichaouzo!
  • Metal Slug Defense
  • Metal Slug Attack

Cameo AppearancesEdit




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