Genjuro Kibagami

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Samurai Shodown 2Edit

Before BattleEdit

  • "Kill you!!"
  • "We don't need the same two men in the world!"(Vs. Himself)

In BattleEdit

Japanese English translation
"Aho ka? Hmph!" "Are you an idiot? Hmph!"
"Minohodo shirasu ha!" "Just learn your place!"
"Mou korosu!" "Now, I'm going to kill you!"
"Yaruna..." "Not bad..."
"Sore dake ka?" "Is that all you've got?"
"Hitotsu, futatsu, mittsu... Inoshikacho!" "One, two, three... Inoshikacho!"
"Hitotsu, futatsu, mittsu, yottsu, itsutsu...Gokou!" "One, two, three, four, five... Gokou!"
"Kisama nado ni kussuru towa!" "To think that I lost to someone like you!"

Win QuotesEdit

  • "I'll be never beaten by anybody who lives in confort, like you."
  • "You can imitate my looks, but can never imitate all of myself."(Vs. Himself)

Samurai Showdown 3Edit

In BattleEdit

Japanese English translation
"Ahou ga! Shine!" "You fool! Die!"
"Hitotsu, futatsu, mittsu... Inoshikacho!" "One, two, three... Inoshikacho!"
"Hitotsu, futatsu, mittsu, yottsu, itsutsu...Gokou!" "One, two, three, four, five... Gokou!"
"Korosu!" "I'll kill you!"
"Nani sama no tsumori da?" "What were you thinking?"
"Katten nara shinu ga ii!" "If you can't win, you deserve to die!"
"Jigoku de matsu ga ii." "Hell is waiting for you."

Win QuoteEdit

  • "You wretch!"

Samurai Shodown 4Edit

Before BattleEdit

  • "You're boring.Die!"
  • "You...I hate.Die!"

In BattleEdit

Japanese English translation
"Shine!" "Die!"
"Usero!" "Get lost!"
"Nigasu ka!?" "You think I'll let you escape!?"

Win QuotesEdit

  • "Out of my way,trash!"(Bust - Opponent Suicide)
  • "You're not worth killing."(Bust Fatality)
  • "Aaah. I need more blood!"(Bust)
  • "What a boring brute."(Slash - Opponent Suicide)
  • "That's your best?"(Slash Fatality)
  • "Nice job,noodlehead."(Vs. Slash)

Samurai Shodown 5Edit

Win QuotesEdit

  • "Hah! What a fool."
  • "Don't get cocky!"(Perfect)
  • "Stop kidding around and fight"(Remaining life:low)

Samurai Shodown 5 SpecialEdit

Win QuotesEdit

  • "Swatted like a fly."(remaining life:high)
  • "I enjoyed the work out...not!"(remaining life:low)
  • "You make me puke"(remaining life:moderate)

Samurai Shodown!Edit

Win QuotesEdit

  • Another weenie? What a bore!
  • You're pathetic!

Samurai Shodown! 2Edit

Win QuotesEdit

  • Die, punk! (Slash)
  • Who do you think you are? (Slash)
  • Miserable cretin! (Bust)
  • This pinhead amuses me! (Bust)

SNK vs Capcom: SVC ChaosEdit

Pre-Fight DialoguesEdit


Genjuro: "You were born to be cut. Where would you like me to begin carving?"
Akuma: "Do you really think a blade would make me flinch from you?"
Genjuro: "Admirable pomposity! I think I'll begin by removing your tongue!"
Akuma: "Rumble!"


Balrog: "What're you gaping at? And what's that little toy in your hand, huh?"
Genjuro: "Cross me and you will add to my blade's rust."
Balrog: "My fists. Your blade. Heh, heh. Cool! Which is deadlier?"
Genjuro: "...Die."
Balrog: "If I win, you'll lose that sword!"
Genjuro: "I'll chop off your arms, then kill you by inches."

Choi Bounge

Genjuro: "... Who're you?"
Choi: "Nobody... buddy boy."
Genjuro: "Pesky flea. Die!"


Chun-Li: "Halt!!"
Genjuro: "What is it...?"
Chun-Li: "I got a bad feeling... Just how many people have you disposed of?"
Genjuro: "Tch! I have no time for tallying my victims!"
Chun-Li: "I bet you could tally up some innocents too! You'll answer to me!"
Genjuro: "Enough of your impertinent whelping! Die, you cackling hen!"

Dan Hibiki

Genjuro: "You demoralize me."
Dan: "What? Are you challenging me? OK. I'm up for it!"
Genjuro: "Ignorant fool!"

Demitri Maximoff

Genjuro: "Who... are you?"
Demitri: "You cannot begin to grasp who I am, worm."
Genjuro: "Those who hinder me, be they even gods, face my blade's fury!"


Dhalsim: "Such evil... Friend, why do you walk the dark way?"
Genjuro: "I don't walk the dark way. The path I walk is the dark way."
Dhalsim: "I will rescue you.'
Genjuro: "I need not your charity. In turn I will send you to damanation!"


Earthquake: "Why you're Genjyuro! What're you doing here?"
Genjuro: "Brigand... Bottom dweller..."
Earthquake: "Snort. Snort. You're a nuisance. I'll crush you!"

Geese Howard

Genjuro: "I destroy all who stand in my way!"
Geese: "Oh, the Samurai! It's an honor to meet the real thing."
Genjuro: "We'll see how long you think so."
Geese: "Heh, heh, heh. You'll need more than a sword!"


Genjuro: "You dress oddly. Are you a... priest?"
Geonitz: "Ooh, hoo. I travel all lands to save fools such as you..."
Genjuro: "Absurd! Only fools depend on silly rituals."
Goenitz: "Not accepting your own weakness... That is the absurdity."


Guile: "Hmmm. If you need a blade, you're no warrior.
Genjuro: "...So you're saying?"
Guile: "I can take down someone like you barehanded!"
Genjuro: "...I'll make Sashimi of you! Defend yourself!"


Genjuro 1: "Hmph! What silly clothes!"
Genjuro 2: "Buffoon. I'll slay you!"

Honki ni Natta Mr. Karate

Genjuro: "For those who hinder me only death awaits."
Mr. Karate: "You're quite confident. Can you defeat me?"
Genjuro: "Someone like you wouldn't slow me down! Die!"


Poison: "Whoa! A samurai! He'd really draw in the customers, huh?"
Genjuro: "Who are you knaves?"
Poison: "Uh, well. To be bried, I'm a scout. ...You're up, Hugo!
Hugo: "You can't expect to pierce my mighty muskles with that little blade!"

Iori Yagami

Genjuro: "Vermin! ...Die!"
Iori: "Vermin! ...Die!"

Kasumi Todoh

Kasumi: "Ooh. What gloom."
Genjuro: "Oh-ho! You are an observant wench."
Kasumi: "Backstabbing fiend! Prepare yourself!"

Ken Masters

Ken: "You're quite a fancy pants, aren't you?"
Genjuro: "...Be off with you."
Ken: "Well, I didn't know you Samurai types were such wimps!"
Genjuro: "...You wish to die?"

Kim Kaphwan

Kim: "Hey, stop spinning that thing around!"
Genjuro: "Hunh? Who are you?"
Kim: "I'll teach you that you can be strong enough without weapons!"
Genjuro: "It would seem... You wish to die."

Kyo Kusanagi

Genjuro: "My next prey is you..."
Kyo: "A sword? Are you kidding me? Those're dangerous!"
Genjuro: "Calm down, pup. It'll be over soon."
Kyo: "I don't need this... You remind me of someone who really peeves me off!

M. Bison

Bison: "Hoah! Kill. Steal. Kill again. You're the type of guy I'm looking for."
Genjuro: "You have no right to evaluate the worth of my way of life!"
Bison: "Wah, ha, ha! Then I'll teach you the joy of defeat!"
Genjuro: "I'd rather die than become your lap dog! Enough! Die!"
Bison: "Moo-ha, ha, ha! You got pluck! Show me more!"

Mai Shiranui

Mai: "What a Samurai stud! Have you seen my andy?"
Genjuro: "A female ninja, eh? You'll do well not to work your wiles on me."
Mai: "Now just a darn minute! I'm not interested in..."
Genjuro: "Cackling ken... Annoying wench! Die!"

Mars People

Mars People: "Beep boop boop bee."
Genjuro: "Curious..."
Mars People: "Boop beep."

Mr. Karate

Mr. Karate: "Hmm hmm hmm. I sense an evil presence about to be unleashed."
Genjuro: "...You got that right. Get on my bad side and I'll destroy you!"
Mr. Karate: "Wah ha ha ha. You're funny! Take your best shot!"
Genjuro: "...Prattling simpleton."

Princess Athena

Genjuro: "I suppose you, too, protest that you "fight for peace." Pah!"
Athena: "Pah!" yourself, you cynical gloomy Gus!"
Genjuro: "In the end, humans are nothing but beasts!"
Athena: "I know you've had a tough time of it. But I will save you!"
Genjuro: "Unsavable optimist!"

Red Arremer

Genjuro: "...This I don't need."
Red Arremer: "Gyah-gyah!"
Genjuro: "Hmph! The king of the idiots appears!"

Riot of the Blood Iori

Iori: "Ooh-whoa-whoa!"
Genjuro: "Lost to darkness."
Iori: "Goooo-whoaaa!"
Genjuro: "Relax. I will presently send you to a more agreeable place!"

Ryo Sakazaki

Genjuro: "Hmph. Martial artists. I hate your kind..."
Ryo: "The dickens you say. Why not put your corpse where your mouth is?"
Genjuro: "You'll be sorry. And dead."


Ryu: "Whoa! What're you doing? Those're dangerous!"
Genjuro: "You evaded my blade! Tell me your name."
Ryu: "Put your sword away and I'll consider it. Just who are you?"
Genjuro: "I had intended to give you a gravestone, but now you can forget it!"


Sagat: "Only a fool would believe a sword makes you any stronger. A fool like you."
Genjuro: "Just like a buffoon who's big believes that makes them tough. A buffoon like you."
Sagat: "Touche. Care to find out how tough I really am?"
Genjuro: "I don't plan to use the back of my blade. Prepare yourself!"


Genjuro: "Silly wench. Why do you pursue him. He's but my prey."
Shiki: "That man is all I desire..."
Genjuro: "You heed me not. Than die!"
Shiki: "You're nothing but a nuisance. You die!"

Shin Akuma

Genjuro: "You dare hinder me! Move! Or I'll fillet you!"
Akuma: "Draw a blade on me? You risk destruction!"
Genjuro: "I risk my life, do I...? Delightful. What's life without a little thrill?"


Tessa: "An acutal Samurai from the far east. Now this's intriguing..."
Genjuro: "Who are you?"
Tessa: "Oh, my. Is that a Samurai sword, then...? I've heard of various mystical blades... Can I try it out?"
Genjuro: "Try it... Out? Amusing. It looks like I must kill another idiot!"

Terry Bogard

Terry: "Lighten up there, dude. You're bringing me down."
Genjuro: "We shall see."
Terry: "Come on, Samurai guy!"


Vega: "You Samurai have unique and lovely rituals... But they pale to me!"
Genjuro: "Hmph. Is that so? Shall I add to your beauty with your blood?"
Vega: "Oooh, hoo, hoo. Think you got the ability to do so?"
Genjuro: "Hm. Hm. Hm. You'll satisfy me with a most splendid end!"
Vega: "Kyoh-kee!"

Violent Ken:

Genjuro: "What?"
Ken: "Gah... You better mean it. ...If not... You won't fight again."
Genjuro: "Silence! Die!"


Genjuro: "Do you use a blade, boy?"
Zero: "What... Again?... There's just no end...!"
Genjuro: "Hmph. Fellow swordsman... I suppose I could take time for amusement."
Zero: "(End it quickly...)"
Ciel: "(Beware... Zero.)"

Win QuotesEdit

  • "Impudent fool! You dare challenge me with such trifling determination?"
  • "Remember this: It's the way of the world that the weak must parish!"
  • "You can kill yourself from shame, but I won't clean up!"
  • "You never had a chance of winning..."
  • "I am an evil necessity in this koo-koo nutty world!" (Vs. Chun-li)
  • "What can god or buddha do...? All I need is a good sword!" (Vs. Dhalsim/Goenitz)
  • "Hmph! Hard as ever to remove your innards, I see!" (Vs. Earthquake)
  • "It is beautiful, Isn't it? Your make-up goes well with a grand guignol death, I see." (Vs. Vega)

If Genjuro defeats Athena

God: "Who'd have thought it? Athena defeated...?!"
Genjuro: "......"
God: "But this is Heaven! Someone like you, has no place here! Hee-yah!"

If Genjuro defeats Red Arremer

God: "Who'd have thought it? Red Arremer defeated...?!"
Genjuro: "......"
God: "But this is the Netherworld! Someone like you, has no place here! Hee-yah!"


Genjuro: "Wherever. Whenever. I alone dominate all! ...Huh?... An earthquake...? Ngaaaah! ...I must be... Back... Where I belong? Verily. ...Hmph. Much time have I wasted in other realms...!"

Neo Geo Battle ColiseumEdit

Win QuotesEdit

  • "Cur! Filth! Scum! You're not worth killing."
  • "Still think you're tough? Die... you festering freak!"
  • "You don't want to die? ...Too late, mooncalf!"
  • "You were a worthy opponent. I'll mince you with respect."
  • "Quite a wind-up doll you are! A nice change of pace from chopping up humans!" (Vs. Cyber Woo)
  • "Ever care to know how a fish feels served alive? You will. Die happy!" (Vs. Himself)
  • "You've lost it, Haohmaru! Now I cut our fatal ties!" (Vs. Haohmaru)
  • "What do you want from me, woman? Tell me... or die!" (Vs. Shiki)