Glasshill from Art of Fighting 3
Full nameGlasshill Valley
CityIs a city
Known residentsRobert Garcia (former resident), Freia Lawrence, Wyler, Lenny Creston, Rody Birts

Glasshill, also known as Glasshill Valley, is a small Mexican town. It is apparently based upon two real Mexican cities: Agua Prieta and Guaymas.


Located on the state of Sonora, Mexico, Glasshill is a small town in the border with the USA. Robert Garcia lived here in his childhood where he met Freia Lawrence. Robert moved back to Italy with his family but Freia stayed.

Glasshill is home to the megalomaniac Wyler and where the events of Art of Fighting 3 are set.


  • Train Yard - A train yard which doesn't seem to be used much by Glasshill's inhabitants.
  • Sieste Café - A café with mariachis playing live.
  • Bar Santana - A bar where people gamble on amateur fighting within a steel cage.
  • Cactus Gas Station - A gas station near the Mexican-American border.
  • Cinco de Mayo - The most famous street of Glasshill.
  • Quixotec Temple - An Olmec temple with fountains all over it.
  • Wyler Mansion - The mansion of Wyler.
  • Cemetery - The people of Glasshill bury their dead in a small island to the south of Cinco de Mayo.


  • Sieste is a misspelling of the word "siesta", which means "nap" in Spanish.

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