Gochack Bigbomb
Height7'0" (213cm)
Weight441 lbs (200kg)
Job/OccupationProfessional wrestler
Fighting stylePro Wrestling

The Gochack Bigbomb (ゴチャック・ビッグボム, Gochāku Bīgubomu) is a character from 3 Count Bout. He could have been modeled on The Bushwackers.


Big Bomberder tried to mask himself to become a face, but he wasn't very accepted.


Still very cocky about his power, Big Bomberder now tries to conquer the fans as Gochack Bigbomb.

Fighting StyleEdit

He is pro wrestler that uses dirty moves like biting and headbutting. He also uses the following moves:

Game AppearancesEdit

Similar CharactersEdit


Gochack Bigbomb

  Characters edit
3 Count Bout

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