Goro Daimon

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In Battle Edit

  • "Nanno!" (Nothing!)
  • "Kakugo se yo!" (Prepare yourself!)
  • "Mou ippon!" (One more!)
  • "Yukuzo!" (Here I come!)

The King of Fighters '94 Edit

Win Quotes Edit

  • "The best is world peace!" (vs. Brazil Team)
  • "Flexibility overcomes rigidness! You should be able to do so!" (vs. China Team)
  • "You can't win with half will!" (vs. England Team)
  • "Make a better effort next time!" (vs. Italy Team)
  • "I hate impersonators...!" (vs. Japan Team)
  • "Urk! That was disappointing!" (vs. Korea Team)
  • "Everything happened as expected....!" (vs. Mexico Team)
  • "My strength is the earth power!" (vs. U.S.A. Team)

Arranged Sound Trax album (ESAKA) Edit

Kyo: "Usually the Japanese songs use traditional instruments like Koto or Shamisen but this kind of song is cool too."
Benimaru: "Little rough. Ruins my beautiful image. But it's fine for you guys."
Daimon: "It has power. I like it."
Kyo: "The flavor is in the bass and drums. Gets me on fire."

The King of Fighters '95 Edit

Win Quotes Edit

  • "You did good, slick! Ciao for now!"
  • "Life is only training! Training, and bowling!"
  • "You had no chance against me, the ultimate fighting machine!"

The King of Fighters '96 Edit

Win Quotes Edit

  • "If you have what it takes, try me one more time!"
  • "I read you like an open gradeschool reader, pal!"
  • "Fighting is all instincts. Instincts and steel muscles."

The King of Fighters '98 Edit

Win Quote Edit

  • "Lightweight!"

The King of Fighters 2001 Edit

Win Quotes Edit

  • "Whooo. Haven't been this pumped up for a long time!"
  • "Whew! What a contender!"
  • "Yup, KOF is special... I just can't stop jittering!"
  • "What razor sharpness. Just like a soldier!" (vs. Ikari Team)
  • "Yeah! That was a fight! What a nostalgia rush!" (vs. Kyo)
  • "Real ESP... You must have it to be in KOF every time!" (vs. Psycho Soldiers Team)
  • "Work to surpass your master. You got possibilities, though." (vs. Shingo)

The King of Fighters 2002 Edit

Win Quote Edit

  • "You gotta learn defense, bud."
  • "I guess my training's paid off" (Hold B)
  • "I've done it for years. But, gosh, Judo cool's." (Hold C)
  • "See this rising sun?! Nihon, cha-cha-cha! " (Vs. Joe)
  • "Our methods may differ, but our goal's the same. Work with me, pal!" (Vs. Kim)

The King of Fighters 2003 Edit

Win Quotes Edit

  • "With powers like yours, it's "ippon" for me, bud!"
  • "Weakness is strength! Let not my appearance fool you!"
  • "Hmph! My geta strap broke... What an ill omen!"
  • "Do not underestimate the power of Judo!"
  • "You can't win KOF's if you underestimate your opponent." (vs. Ash)
  • "Your fists are marshmallows. You gotta shake the earth!" (vs. Benimaru)
  • "Just like the old Kyo. But this time, I win!" (vs. Kusanagi)
  • "What polished moves... Kyokugen Karate's scary!" (vs. Ryo)

The King of Fighters XII Edit

Win Quotes Edit

  • "I'll beat some Japanese manners into you! Let's start with the "bow"! (vs. Clark)
  • "What a disgrace! And to think you can represent Japan?! (vs. Joe)
  • "Impressive. No wonder he's so well-known in Korea...! (vs. Kim)
  • "That was some fine work! But I'm the victor this time." (vs. Ryo)

The King of Fighters XIII Edit

Character Select Screen Edit

Japanese English Translation
"Mairu!" "Forward!"
"Saa, Koi!" "Well, come!"

Pre-Battle Dialogues(Story Mode) Edit

"KOF Teams" Intro

Benimaru: "Oh. you're here at last!"
Kyo: "Sorry to have kept you waiting."
Daimon: "Don't worry about it."
Kyo: "Well, let's get going then."
Benimaru: "Are you sure you're okay, Kyo?"
Kyo: "Hm? What are you talking about?"
Benimaru: "Your wounds. You escaped from the hospital before they treated you, am I right?"
Kyo: "What, you don't trust me? I'm telling you not to worry. I'll be fine."
Benimaru: "Well, I'm not exactly worried, per se... I just don't want you making excuses if you cause us to lose. It makes us all look bad."
Kyo: "Oh, so you're a comedian, are you? Well, why don't you take me on, huh!?"
Benimaru: "Don't mind if I do! Show me perfection, Kyo!"
Daimon: "Sigh... Just be sure not to inflict any MORE injuries on our team, guys..."

Elisabeth Team

Kyo: "I knew I would run into you guys again."
Elisabeth: "I am terribly sorry for getting all of you involved in this. However, this is our problem! And if you intend to impede our mission... We'll be forced to remove any obstacles in our path!"
Kyo: "Oh, shut up already! I'm so sick of hearing about your mission! I'm going to get even with that punk, and I don't care about anything else. Get out of my way!"
Benimaru: "You heard the man. Sorry, Duo Lon."
Duo: "Apologizing? You sound pretty sure of your victory, Benimaru."
Benimaru: "Well, you know what he's like when he gets like this, and if your leader won't stand aside... Then unfortunately. We're going to have to go through you."
Duo: "Heh... Classy as ever, Benimaru. Very well then, let us fight."
Shen: "Well, those two seem to be having fun. Let's make this a good fight, old man!"
Daimon: "Didn't your mother teach you any manners?"
Shen: "No, not really. The majority of my upbringing involved learning to speak with my fists."
Daimon: "I see. Let's speak in your language, then. Show me what you've got!"

K' Team

K': "Ugh, more pesky gnats."
Kyo: "Why are you always so irritated every time I see you? Maybe you should try eating less red meat. Are you getting enough calcium in your diet? Try some fish! You can grill some up in an instant!"
K': "Just shut the hell up!"
Maxima: "The flames of Kusanagi, eh? Sorry, I'm already equipped with countermeasures. I've got every bit of data on you that I could possibly need."
Benimaru: "As do I. I've fought alongside you two before."
K': "Tch... That just means that we all know your moves too!"
Benimaru: "I guess we all just cancel each other out, then... Except for..."
Daimon: "...Um."
Kula: "Huh?"
Kyo: "Don't get me wrong, Daimon is a reliable guy and all, but..."
Daimon: "You got it! Leave it to me, Kyo!"
K': "This brat? You serious?"
Kula: "I can do it!"
Kyo: "Anyway, aren't we all working with old data here? What good could it possibly do, right?"
K': "Ugh... Shut up. We've already wasted enough time on this nonsense, and you know it. So, come on! Let's fight! I wanna make up for all the time we just wasted!"
Daimon: "Very well... I shall give it all I've got! Face me!"
Kula: "Just leave it to me, you two! I'm on the top of the world today!"
Benimaru: "W-Well, those two sure are pumped..."
K': "......"

Psycho Soldier Team (Round 1 - Playing as Japan Team)

Athena: "Don't you ever wear your school uniform anymore, Kyo?"
Kyo: "Nah, I think I'm a bit too old for that now..."
Athena: "Really!? Then you finally graduated! Congratulations!"
Kyo: "Hm? Yeah... I guess... Something like that."
Benimaru: "Just tell her, Kyo. You couldn't ask for an easier lead in..."
Kyo: "S-shut up! There's nothing to say..."
Athena: "Wait, what's he talking about!? Kyo, you aren't..."
Kensou: "You're not still getting held back, are you!?"
Kyo: "No, I'm not! I'm just not in school anymore!"
Kensou: "Oh. So then did you graduate?"
Daimon: "Well ,sometimes in a boy's life, things happen, and stuff changes..."
Benimaru: "He's been in all these incidents, and then he just disappeared for a while..."
Chin: "Still, I can't condone this. Winners don't quit, especially when it comes to school. This must be causing your parents so much grief. Why don't you finish school?"
Daimon: "He does make a good point, Kyo..."
Kyo: "Stop pressuring me into things! Let's get this fight over already!"
Kensou: "But... you didn't actually decide anything."
Benimaru: "It's probably best not to push the subject any further."
Athena: "O-Okay..."

Yagami Team

Kyo: "Hey, Yagami. It looks like we're sorta on the same side this time, right?"
Iori: "I'm not interested in small talk. Just fight me. Now."
Kyo: "What? You don't even have your flames! just sit this one out, Yagami."
Iori: "Are you deaf? I told you to fight me, Kyo. NOW!"
Kyo: "You never change. do you? I guess I shouldn't be surprised... But you two! You've been slithering around the place since the seal was broken!"
Mature: "You're a lot more spineless than I recall. Where's the vigour you had when you sealed Orochi?"
Vice: "To top it off, that whelp has you at the palm of his hand. Don't you just want to die?"
Kyo: "Shut up! I don't have time to listen to you talk! I'm going to burn you all to crisp!"
Benimaru: "Now, now that's no way to treat a woman. Oh, how I wish we'd met under different circumstances."
Mature: "My, what sweet words. You've touched my heart... I'll spend some extra time carving you up!"
Benimaru: "I never leave a lady wanting more. I can provide references if you'd like... So feel free to carve away. You'll only be carving my name into the trophy, though."
Daimon: "What exactly are you all scheming?"
Vice: "Does that ever work? Do you think we'd just tell you?"
Daimon: "Fair enough. Point taken. I'll just assume that you're up to no good."
Vice: "Don't worry, though. When you next wake, you won't have to worry about any of this. And then we'll be sure to take extra good care of you!"
Kyo: "Shut up! You loudmouths are the ones who need to get put to sleep! Don't worry, Yagami! We'll take care of everything while you're in your dreamland!"
Iori: "I'm tired of your mouth. I'm going to kill you right here, Kyo!"

Psycho Soldiers Team (Finals - Playing as Team Psycho Soldier)

Athena: "Kyo, are you after Ash too?"
Kyo: "So you know? Good. That makes things easier. This is the final match. Sorry, but I really gotta win this one!"
Athena: "Well, so do we. We can't disappoint all the people who we've defeated up to this point. We can't afford to lose this match!"
Benimaru: "Wow, someone's ready for battle. Something happen, sweet thing?"
Kensou: "Joke all you want, blondie. We're not the kids you used to know."
Benimaru: "Oh, can you actually fight this time?"
Daimon: "Master Chin... So you're..."
Chin: "Hmph, I knew you would have it figured out by now. It's not that I don't trust you, but I'm going to have to ask you to step aside."
Kyo: "As if , old man... Besides, this is my problem, you hear? So just get out of my way!"
Athena: "Kyo, you shouldn't try to do everything on your own. We can help you too!"

Pre-Battle Dialogues Edit

Andy Bogard

Andy: "You are truly like an unmovable mountain. I'm going to have trouble bringing you down...."
Daimon: "And you, Mr. 'Swift Like the Wind'.... I'll have to stay on my toes around you."
Andy: "I see. It seems that we are both well prepared for this matchup!"

Ash Crimson

Daimon: "You're such a carefree kid. It reflects a lack of concentration!"
Ash: "Hee hee, maybe you're right. I never was very good at staring contests. But this tournament isn't decided on childrens' games, so do yourself a favor and get out of my way!"

Athena Asamiya

Athena: "Hello, Mr. Daimon! How's Mr. Shingo doing?"
Daimon: "Oh, he's getting better. I'll be sure to tell him you asked about him."
Athena: "Thank you! We're about the same age so I was worried about him...."

Benimaru Nikaido

Benimaru: "Let's go, Goro! I mean, uh, Daimon Sensei!"
Daimon: "Hm. Let's see how much you've grown."

Billy Kane

Daimon: "I won't complain that you're using a weapon...but I still believe you lack what it takes to be a true martial artist. Don't think you can get past me with that scrawny body of yours."
Billy: "I ain't here to listen to your stories, man! I came here to whack you in the face!"

Chin Gentsai

Chin: "Phew.... I'm getting too old to fight you."
Daimon: "Oh, don't be modest, Master Chin.... I would greatly appreciate it if you were to grant me the pleasure of fighting you!"
Chin: "Oh well, I guess I can oblige you one more time...."

Clark Steel

Daimon: "Your strong composure hides a will to fight. I can sense it...."
Clark: "Really? Man, I gotta start working on a poker face for my chi. As soldiers, our desire is to defeat the enemy while masking our desire to fight and our violent nature.

Duo Lon

Duo Lon: "This world contains a darkness that a pure and righteous mind will never be able to see. Because you've never witnessed it, there's no possible way you could hope to stand against me! Leave now!"
Daimon: "The mind contains darkness, too. What you fail to understand is that it falls to you to overcome it. Let me show you that the true way of the warrior does not allow for evil thoughts!"

Elisabeth Blanctorche

Elisabeth: "As massive and immovable as a boulder.... But I am prepared to do the impossible if that's what is necessary! I cannot afford to lose! Are you ready?"
Daimon: "Great! Bring it! This will be a match to remember!"

Evil Ash

Evil Ash: "To rule the timeline is to wield inescapable death. Wouldn't you agree? Well, I have that power! All you can do is tremble in despair!"
Daimon: "I have overcome myself and all my fears. There is not an enemy that can move me aside."
Evil Ash: "Then die! Your existence ends here!"

Flames Iori

Daimon: "You're always so full of menace.... Do you really hate Kyo that much?"
Iori: "That's none of your business. Now get out of here before I kill you."
Daimon: "Sorry, but I can't let you go after Kyo. I have to stop you right here."


Daimon 1: "............"
Daimon 2: "............"
Daimon 1: "...Let's begin!"
Daimon 2: "...Yes!"

Human Saiki

Daimon: "I cannot lose to anyone as evil as you.... That is the way of Judo that I have chosen!"
Saiki: "You sound like you're being humble, but you're really just bluffing, aren't you? You don't seriously think you can defeat me, do you? That's not going to happen in a million years!"

Hwa Jai

Hwa Jai: "I bet you're worried about how on Earth you and your hulking body are supposed to keep up with my moves!"
Daimon: "I thought you'd be the one worrying. You can't afford to make one wrong move. If I get a hold of you even once, you're done for!"

Iori Yagami

Iori: "Get lost. I have no business with you."
Daimon: "If you have business with Kyo, you have business with me! You won't get to him unless you go through me!"
Iori: "So you want to be waiting for him at the gates of Hell, then? Fine by me.... Die!"

Joe Higashi

Joe: "We're both fighting for Japan! So, let's make this a clean fight, okay?"
Daimon: "You can count on that! We'll show everyone what Japanese men are made of!"
Joe: "Great! Make sure you fight well! The better you look, the better I, Joe Higashi, will look when I win this match!"


Daimon: "............"
K': "What do you want? If you're not here to fight, then get lost! There's too much blood on my hands as it is."
Daimon: "I'm ready when you are. But, if you don't want to fight, then you are the one who should leave."
K': "Great. This shouldn't take me more than a minute."

Kim Kaphwan

Kim: "Korean Tae Kwon Do versus Japanese Judo.... We are both carrying the weight of our nations on our backs."
Daimon: "I wouldn't presume that we're carrying the weight of our nations. It is just a fighting tournament after all. That being said, I certainly wouldn't want my kid to see his father lose on TV."
Kim: "I agree 100%! I want to set a good example for my boys!"


King: "People who move really fast also tend to make mistakes easily.... In that sense, you're a tough opponent to fight. You don't make many mistakes."
Daimon: "Is that so? Then what will you do?"
King: "I'll just have to force you to make mistakes. This isn't the first time I've had to fight a man your size."

Kula Diamond

Daimon: "............"
Kula: "Are you okay, Mister? Why aren't you saying something?"
Daimon: "We're fighting. There's no need to talk!"
Kula: "Huh? It's started already!? Then I have to do my best!"

Kyo Kusanagi

Daimon: "It's been a while since we last fought. Give me all you've got, Kyo!"
Kyo: "Are you sure about that, Daimon? I'm a lot stronger than I was when we first fought."
Daimon: "Excellent! Then show me!"

Leona Heidern

Daimon: "......"
Leona: "......"
Daimon: "............"
Leona: "............"
Daimon: "So.... I'm gonna attack you now...."
Leona: "Sure.... I'm ready...."

Mai Shiranui

Daimon: "............"
Mai: "What's the matter, Daimon? Wh-Why are you staring at me like that? What? You can't be.... Stop that, I already have Andy!"
Daimon: "H-How dare you dress like that in public!? You give Japanese women a bad name!"
Mai: "D-Dress!? I, uh.... Why are you getting upset about it now, after all these years?"


Daimon: "You people again.... What are you scheming this time?"
Mature: "Oh, look who's talkative all of a sudden?"
Daimon: "I don't care if you won't tell me. All that matters is that I won't let you interfere with Kyo's plans."
Mature: "You're the interloper here, old man! I'll cut you into little pieces!"


Maxima: "The raw natural power of a well-trained Japanese man.... Pretty impressive!"
Daimon: "It's not just my raw strength. Don't discount my technique."
Maxima: "Ah yes, the pride of the Judo athlete. I understand, but you should know that you can't win with pride alone."
Daimon: "It's not pride alone! This pride comes from my strength and the long nights I've spent training. I will not lose!"

Mr. Karate

Daimon: "This sense of pressure.... Could this be the Mr. Karate I've heard so much about!?"
Mr. Karate: "I'm sure the rumors will do nothing to prepare you for the real thing.... Why don't you try me and see for yourself?"
Daimon: "I will. Let's see what you're made of!"

NESTS-Styled Kyo

Daimon: "I see.... I suppose it can't hurt to return to one's early years sometimes."
Kyo: "Uh, that's not why I'm dressed like this, man...."


Raiden: "Hooo, you look like a sturdy one! Why don't you quit Judo and start a career in pro wrestling, where the money's at?"
Daimon: "No! Just...NO!"

Ralf Jones

Ralf: "Being a gold medalist doesn't mean jack on the battlefield. And it doesn't mean anything here, either."
Daimon: "You are right. But you'll notice that the medal is not here fighting, it's me. Concentrate on me, not my trophy."
Ralf: "Ha ha, I like that! I can see you're not just some sportsman, you're a real martial artist!"

Robert Garcia

Robert: "Wow.... I can see why they call you the Rising Storm.... If I'm not careful, I'm going to be thrown all over the place like a newspaper in a whirlwind. I must keep my distance...."
Daimon: "Enough talk. Have at you!"
Robert: "You're so calm it's almost scary! Here I come!"

Ryo Sakazaki

Ryo: "Hey, if you have some free time, would you care to join me on one of my ascetic sessions in the mountains? No one I know ever wants to come along. Robert and Yuri said there's no way they'd even think about it."
Daimon: "Very well. It would be my honor to join you."
Ryo: "Really!? What a relief! Now I can give my full concentration to the fight at hand!


Daimon: "This murderous aura.... Who are you?"
Saiki: "You would die a more peaceful death if you didn't know. If I told you, you would only fall deeper into despair."
Daimon: "You vile miscreant! I'll knock some manners into you!"

Shen Woo

Shen: "You! I'm getting sick of all your talk about spirit this and mind that! All that matters is guts! The will to fight to the death! Show me if you've got any of that, you big slab of meat!"
Daimon: "I will.... Let's go!"

Sie Kensou

Daimon: "If you're bothered by something, child, let me help you by allowing you and Shingo to train together."
Kensou: "You've gotta be kidding me! Students at your place are only ever used as errand boys!"
Daimon: "Hmmm.... I think you've got the wrong impression of us from somewhere...."

Takuma Sakazaki

Takuma: "I can see you've got talent, and you'd make a great Karateka! It's still not too late! Want to study Kyokugen?"
Daimon: "I appreciate your offer, but I only care about Judo.... Well, I'm sure Kyokugen will prove very educational! Let's begin!"
Takuma: "Ha ha ha! I'll make sure to give you a few lessons with my Demon Fist, as well!"

Terry Bogard

Daimon: "That shoulder throw of yours.... You're doing it all wrong. You gotta put your back into it!"
Terry: "Really? It's really hard to practice the move by myself.... Could you teach me?"
Daimon: "Very well! First we will start with the basics, beginning with the proper way to tie your belt!"
Terry: "No, you don't get it, that's not what I meant.... I really don't understand this guy sometimes...."


Vice: "Hey.... Do you like rollercoasters?"
Daimon: "Hm? Why do you ask?"
Vice: "Oh, because I was going to toss you back and forth, and possibly loop-de-loop you in a second here. I thought it would be polite to ask. Although, for the record, I wouldn't have gone any easier on you had you said 'no'."

Yuri Sakazaki

Daimon: "No matter how nimbly you float around, all it takes is one solid punch to take you down."
Yuri: "Well, then I'll just have to use my speed and technique to use your own strength against you! If we're going to fight, we should have fun with it, right?"
Daimon: "I see.... There is some sense to what you are saying...."
Yuri: "But of course there is! So, prepare for a beat down, Mister Former Gold Medallist!"

Win Dialogue(Story Mode) Edit

Kyo: "This isn't the end... He hasn't shown up yet."
Daimon: "Something's going to happen, like it always does, huh? You have a hard life... Very well, I'll accompany you."
Benimaru: "I know things will get hairy, so there's no way I can let you on your own. You need us two, admit it!"

Win Quotes Edit

  • "You're too obsessed with form. Spirit is more important than technique!" (vs. Andy)
  • "Everything has its' limits...including my patience! This is my last warning!" (vs. Ash)
  • "Your greatest strength is your consistency. Don't forget that." (vs. Athena)
  • "That won't do, Benimaru.... You and Kyo need to train more!" (vs. Benimaru)
  • "You should focus on training your mind and body before learning how to handle weapons." (vs. Billy)
  • "You only seem to grow more vigorous with age. I envy you." (vs. Chin)
  • "It seems I was the better thrower. ...I would like to fight you again." (vs. Clark)
  • "You can't move a mountain with trickery. You need to learn to read the flow of power!" (vs. Duo Lon)
  • "Get up and fight again! Every fight will serve to make you stronger!" (vs. Elisabeth)
  • "Have you finally learned your lesson!? Know your ignorance!" (vs. Evil Ash)
  • "It's never too late to correct your mistakes. People are waiting for the day you walk the proper path." (vs. Flames Iori)
  • "You can't get strength by copying people! Now! 1000 squats as punishment!" (vs. Himself)
  • "You could live to be thousands of years old, and you would still not understand why you lost today." (vs. Human Saiki)
  • "What a shame.... To see a former champion reduced to this!" (vs. Hwa Jai)
  • "Idiot! How can you hope to defeat me, if you can't even conquer yourself?" (vs. Iori)
  • "Pathetic.... You're a disgrace to Japan." (vs. Joe)
  • "Focus on training your mind, not your body. That's where your weakness is!" (vs. K')
  • "Completely worthless! Start again from scratch!" (vs. Kensou)
  • "Everyone but myself is my teacher. I am grateful for your teachings!" (vs. Kim)
  • "I won't tell you to stop kicking, but be advised, it ruins your balance!" (vs. King)
  • "Judo is perfect for young girls. Here, I'll give you a headband to start you off." (vs. Kula)
  • "...Do you see now, Kyo? I'm not the man I used to be!" (vs. Kyo)
  • "Your true foe is inside you.... Keep devoting yourself!" (vs. Leona)
  • "Start with 100 backward rolls! We're starting with the basics!" (vs. Mai)
  • "Vile wench! Begone!" (vs. Mature)
  • "Gentleness conquers strength.... However, it seems that your strength cannot conquer gentleness...." (vs. Maxima)
  • "Some things cannot be expressed in words.... You have taught me what matters as a martial artist!" (vs. Mr. Karate)
  • "Have you become this conceited, Kyo? You need to keep training to stay strong!" (vs. NESTS-Styled Kyo)
  • "Your physical strength is undeniable. But you have no idea how to use it!" (vs. Raiden)
  • "Hrm...! This feeling of satisfaction.... It is always an enjoyable sensation." (vs. Ralf)
  • "Your fists are truly worthy of the Kyokugen name! Thanks for the excellent match!" (vs. Robert)
  • "I would love to give lessons at your dojo some time, if you don't mind." (vs. Ryo)
  • "So much power, yet you lost.... Think about the reason why that happened." (vs. Saiki)
  • "Judo wasn't built in a day. Kneel before the accumulated might of history!" (vs. Shen)
  • "I have witnessed your skills. Thank you for your guidance!" (vs. Takuma)
  • "It's not just about winning or losing. You have put up a good fight. Thank you!" (vs. Terry)
  • "How could I possibly lose to the likes of you? Do not underestimate Judo...!" (vs. Vice)
  • "If you aren't prepared to survive here, you'd better drop out now...." (vs. Yuri)

The King of Fighters XIVEdit

Pre-Battle DialoguesEdit


Alice: "Wow, judo, huh? I've just been practicing my standing throws. My grapples and pins still need work..."
Daimon: "Ha, my techniques are a bit much against amateurs. You can take a hit, right?"
Alice: "I'll be fine. Martial arts allow you to learn how to efficiently damage opponents larger than you..."
Daimon: "Hmph, you want to win? In the interest of not doing you any discourtesy, I'm coming at you with all I've got! Get ready!"
Alice: "COME ON!"

Joe Higashi

Daimon: "C'mere, Muay Thai! My judo is the real Japanese way."
Joe: "That's some talk, Mr. Gold Medalist. But there's no way Joe Higashi can lose!"
Daimon: "I'll see about that!"
Joe: "Alright! Let's do this quickly!"

Ryo Sakazaki

Daimon: "Alright, Kyokugen style! Show me all you've got!"
Ryo: "Finally! A perfect opponent! My spirit is unleashed! I'll take you down in about two seconds, Goro Daimon!"
Daimon: "That's what I hoped for!"

Win QuotesEdit

  • "Pathetic. Truly pathetic."
  • "Not enough spirit!"
  • "I knew the moment I grabbed you. You’re strong."
  • "Splendid!"
  • "So many unnecessary movements. It was easy to grab you."
  • "My feelings are satisfied. I must express my gratitude."
  • "You misjudged my reach."
  • "Your determination is a splendid thing."
  • "It’s not like a father can lose in front of his children."
  • "Um, you got a concussion?"
  • "I certainly acknowledge your courage."
  • "This is the result of years of work."
  • "I’ve got more left in me! Another round!"
  • "If that’s all the strength you’ve got now, train some more and come back!"
  • "If you’re still not tired of getting thrown around, let’s keep going."
  • "This is what it means to be resolved to represent Japan."
  • "An unshakable spirit is the most important thing."
  • "Shall I train you?"
  • "Lukewarm!"
  • "Judo is not mastered in a single day."
  • "You were an easy opponent."
  • "You’re not lacking as an opponent!"
  • "You haven’t learned how to recover properly! Your training is insufficient!"
  • "You’re not paying enough attention! Get it together!"
  • "If I hadn’t grabbed you over there, I might have lost."
  • "Starting from imitation is fine. Understand the true nature of the technique." (vs. Alice)
  • "I’ll take that joking attitude of yours and retrain it from step one!" (vs. Angel)
  • "...Fortunes rise and fall. Even more so for a false champion." (vs. Antonov)
  • "If you are only working on your looks, the difference between you and me will only grow as I train my heart, technique, and entire body!" (vs. Benimaru)
  • "No matter how much bigger you are, there’s nobody I can’t throw!" (vs. Chang)
  • "Still drinking, as always. I see you’re healthy." (vs. Chin)
  • "I’m a Judo master, and you are a soldier. No one beats me at throws." (vs. Clark)
  • "Thank you… I never imagined I would get a chance to receive a lesson from the heart of the Tae Kwon Do world." (vs. Gang-il)
  • "Drowning in desire, guys like you are trivial. Start again from step one." (vs. Geese)
  • "You still seem to lack enough experience to carry the burden of the rising sun." (vs. Joe)
  • "No doubt, a pro wrestler. That was a nice recovery." (vs. King of Dinosaurs)
  • "What’s wrong, Kyo?! Where did the Kyo from before go?!" (vs. Kyo)
  • "Your body seems completely mechanical, but if it’s the same shape as a human, it’s still easy to throw." (vs. Maxima)
  • "You fool! If you’re sleepy you can’t recover properly!" (vs. Meitenkun)
  • "Your fists are spectacular!" (vs. Nelson)
  • "Fighting you was splendid - you faced me with all your body and spirit." (vs. Ramon)
  • "Kyokugen style strikes, and more refined than ever!" (vs. Ryo)
  • "Your power is greater than I’d heard. Thank you for the lesson." (vs. Tung)
  • "I don’t know what you are, but I have no problem when it comes to grabbing and throwing you!" (vs. Verse)
  • "Can a snake strangle a mountain? Ridiculous!" (vs. Vice)
  • "My throws are more effective than the cops'." (vs. Yamazaki)